Finish PT and Morena through deputations

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The dispute over federal deputies confronted the Labor Party (PT) with its ally Morena, who accused him of using his initials to nominate Morenoites; the convicted strategy that has been omitted from San Lazaro to a part of the dynastic dome and the cherry feast will increase its seats.

Representatives of PAN, PRD and MC for the National Electoral Institute (INE) accused Morena of an overrepresentation of between 17% and 20% in the Chamber of Deputies, because with 41% of the votes in the legislative elections 191 delegates of their own land. and 61% of the control, only if the "crops" in the PT are being considered.

In total there will be 308 majority and several members who will have the three parties of the Coalition Together We Will Do History (Morena, PT and PES) in San Lazaro, so if they remain united, they will be 61.6% of the room. obtain from delegates

Yesterday, the General Council of the INE commissioned several members and senators, who integrated the Congress of the Union and ended its participation in the 2017-2018 election process.

In a letter presented yesterday by the PT, it split from 35 deputies of the majority who registered the coalition with its acronyms, since they are members of Morena; He asked the councilors to investigate the militancy and to recognize them as Morenoist delegates.

In doing so, the PT attempted to accredit only 40 lawmakers (not 58 who competed and won with their acronyms) and thus increase three to nine plurinominal seats, which would have cut Morena's bank to avoid overrepresentation in Congress.

The petition was rejected with 11 against one vote and only three chairs with multiple members were assigned to the PT.

During the discussion, the municipal councilors stressed that proportional representation permits plurality, although they recognize disturbances, but there are criteria from the TEPJF, according to which it is valid to register as militants of another party as candidates of one party when they fight in the coalition. .

With the decision, San Lazaro was left out of consideration for the time being, historic PT leaders such as Óscar González Yáñez, Reginaldo Sandoval and Pedro Vázquez.

Although Horacio Duarte, representative of Morena for the INE preferred to remain silent, Pedro Vázquez, representative of the PT, was not present, but signed the ignorance as belonging to 35 deputies, because "they were not chosen according to internal procedures , they were not nominated or proposed "For the PT and come from Morena.

They accuse fraud of the law. The issue will be resolved by the Electoral Court of the Judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF), as the representative of the PAN, Eduardo Aguilar, and the members of the Legislative Branch, Guadalupe Acosta, of the PRD, Jorge Álvarez Maynez, of MC, announced that they will challenge the "fraud with the law".

They accused Morena of infiltrating candidates in the PT, but also in the PES, the other ally of that coalition, to get more seats of proportional representation and not to cause overrepresentation.

The constitution gives only one party an overrepresentation of 8%, but between the majority of the substitutes won by Morena, 106 and the multi-member 85, it will have a total of 191, the maximum limit for non-overrepresentation.

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