First migrants arrive at the stadium in the CDMX

the Government of Mexico City confirmed the arrival of 17 migrants Central Americans to the capital.

According to the authorities, at 5:00 a first group of five migrants the "Jesús Martínez Palillo" stadium in Magdalena Mixiuhca, where the shelter for the caravan is located.

These people have moved into a private vehicle: they asked for "aventón", they indicated.

The 17 migrants will spend the night in the reception center that has just been placed today, responsible for the Government of Mexico City.

A few moments ago, the president of the Human Rights Commission (CDH) capital, Nashieli Ramírez reported that migrants will arrive circumstances that deteriorate sharply due to the efforts that have been spent on his journey.

"If they are here, it basically gives them medical care, pediatric care, (…) This is a hospitable city." This is about articulation because it has to be an example for everyone ".

He warned that in view of the immigration policy of United Statesthere will be more caravans of this type.

CNDH calls for a humanitarian treatment to be guaranteed

For his part, the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) reported that in order to guarantee safety and vigilance for the routes on which the "Migrant Walk" passes to Mexico City, as well as humanitarian treatment for those who are part of it, it has given precautionary measures to federal and states Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City.

In a statement, the national authority requested that all necessary actions be taken in a coordinated manner and within the limits of their respective competences to secure transit on roads and sites where the people involved in the walk and their protection


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