Hacienda removes Julión Álvarez from the black list

After a few months ago, the Financial Intelligence Unit, from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, blocks some accounts Julión Álvarez For suspected ties with organized crime, the Mexican regional singer announced this Saturday that he has been removed from the blacklist.

Álvarez, who was accused of money laundering for drug trafficker Raúl Flores Hernández, is innocent after the US Treasury accused him of conspiring with cells for drug trafficking. August 9, 2017.

"Because we were accused, my team and I decided to make a procedure here in Mexico to be excluded from the list of blocked people, we met all the information requested, we provided bank accounts, documents and everything needed to demonstrate where I obtained my patrimony, everything needed to remove us from that list ", explained the singer in the press conference, prior to one of his shows Santa Fe

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<p>In his conversation with the media, Alvarez explained that it was a long and slow process in which he said that he had to jump from one place to another and present all the documentation.</p>
<p>Finally, it is so far that Julión indicated that he can say that he has been declared innocent in Mexico and that he can now sell his bank accounts from 10 July.</p>
<p>"I feel satisfied and happy that today I can say that Julión Álvarez Montelongo has been eliminated from that list of blocked people," he said.</p>
<p>Although he says he is in a moment of happiness and peace, the musician said his companies are still on that blacklist, so his struggle to demonstrate the legal origin of his possessions remains.</p>
<p>He trusts that his companies will soon disappear from the list. </p>
<p>The battle for Julión to prove his innocence has been going on for more than a year and he hopes that this week the name of his company will be excluded from that register.</p>
<p>"We trust that everything will be resolved over the next few days, because it has been a long and laborious process, but everything to show that all that hostility is the result of our work," he added.</p>
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