He discusses with his friend and kills him with a hammer in Toluca

After a night of conviviality two subjects were confronted with success to one He took a hammer and killed his rival in a house next to Parque 18 de Marzo, in this city.

But the murderous was so drunkthat when he tried to run away, he stepped aboard his car and fell asleep inside, that's how it was captured by the police.

The murder took place yesterday around 8:00 am, in the building located in Private Benito Juarez between the streets of Julio Pardiñas and Marcelino García Barragán, in the Colonia del Parque.

In the middle of a pool of blood was a man of about 35 who was deformed by hammering, mainly in the head.

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According to the first investigations, the victim used alcoholic beverages with his friend Julio César Aguilar Gutiérrez, 37, who rented a room where the murder took place.

After committing the murder Julio stepped into a vehicle of his property, a Nissan Platinum, in which he tried to escape. "In the end he could not handle it and he fell asleep, in fact, we took it," the authorities concluded.

After noon, the corpse was removed in an ambulance from the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO), to the Institute of Expert Services for the corresponding autopsy.

The alleged murderer was at the disposal of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), where his legal status will be determined. The owner of the building where the murder took place had to be deported, since the house was protected by the police, seals were placed while they continued the investigation.


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