Historic Day for the CDMX – Politics – Notes

September the 17th. – This Monday represents a historic day for Mexico City: the first Mexico City Congress was installed after the Legislative Assembly was dissolved; the city's Constitution enters into force, and for the first time the report from the head of government will be sent in writing and will not go to campus to read it personally to the deputies.

At the moment, the Benita Galeana room is being voted to choose the group of deans who will lead the installation of the conference and bring the protest to the new delegates. In addition, the earlier agreements for the establishment of the Board of Directors are made.

At 9 o'clock in the morning the first of the two solemn sessions scheduled for today begins. In this act the deans will protest against the 66 local deputies, who will vote to elect the board of directors. In addition, the declaration of installation of the First Legislature of the main congress will be made.

Later a second solemn session will take place to commemorate the entry into force of the Constitution of Mexico City. In this law, the chairman of the board of the Constituent Assembly, Alejandro Encinas, presents the historical collection of the Constituent Assembly; and each political party will take a stand between the plenary session.

Immediately a recess will be determined to receive the last report from the government of José Ramón Amieva, who sends the document with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guillermo Orozco. The delivery and reception of the Government Report takes place in the Heberto Castillo Room.

Finally, the entire Congress of the City will hold a regular session to approve legislative reforms allowing the immediate installation of the Political Coordination Council; as well as the reform of the law of reconstruction that makes it possible to transfer 1,300 million pesos to the INVI to continue the reconstruction tasks.

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