Hof recognizes the respect of AMLO

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Luis María Aguilar Morales, Prime Minister of the Supreme Court of the nation (SCJN), recognizes the will of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the next holder of the federal executive power, for the autonomy of the federal judiciary and the decisions that they take to respect the judges.

During the inauguration of the first preparatory meeting of the Ibero-American Judicial Summit (CJI), held in the area of ​​murals of the high court, Aguilar Morales stressed the commitment of the elected president that his government appoint the Supreme Court, as constitutional court of Mexico will respect the members and the conformation.

He explained that only judicial independence, which is nothing other than the free determination of the judge, can protect fundamental rights and protect the interests of the Republic and its democratic institutions.

He stressed that in the Ibero-American region democratic development placed greater responsibility for the judiciary, in the high courts and in the highest courts the power to monitor the constitutional regime.

It is in this context that the now elected President of Mexico "as a form of government has expressed respect for the other powers, specifically for recognizing the independence and autonomy of the judiciary," he said.

"The independence of the judiciary is laid down in three inextricably linked strata that are: firstly, not to be influenced in the decision of an external agent, such as violence or threats to the power factors .. Second, do not be pressured by outside interests the law of one of the parties involved in the conflict, "he said.

"And thirdly: do not be guided by your own phobias, preferences or personal preferences, but let yourself be guided by the legal norm, whether it is supreme, secondary or derivative," said the minister.

"Judicial independence is what gives the legitimacy required for judges and judges, in times of democracy in which we live," he concluded.

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