I am innocent, free and the educational reform has collapsed: Elba Esther Gordillo

August 20, 2018

He assured him that he was subjected to political persecution, intimidation and injustice and warned that his place was always on the side of the teachers, to whom he apologized for the political persecution to which they were subjected.

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Elba Esther Gordillo Morales, former leader of the National Union of Educational Workers (SNTE) appeared in public this morning and after she had assured her that she was innocent and therefore free, she warned that the education reform was "aborted".

Having insured that she was being subjected to political persecution, bullying and injustice, she said her case was the product of a file based on false lies and accusations to make her guilty of something she had not done.

He warned that the educational reforms propagated by the government of Enrique Pea Nieto, which she opposed, "has collapsed."

Indicator: "Regaining freedom and reforming education has collapsed, I wish that this moment marks the future of my life and that of my desires, the long period of confinement was also a difficult and profound learning, undoubtedly changed, we changed everything I have changed the country. & # 39;

In her first public message after she was released after defeating the charges against money laundering that had held her for five years, Gordillo Morales said her arrest was part of "a political persecution" based on "a file based on lies and false accusations. "

He showed the media, the court resolution that declares him innocent and assured that the hard test he underwent changed and beat his family, however "not only suffering, teachers and teachers of Mexico have also suffered.A firm conviction that I am defense of the national magisterium and all employees in education do my best and I take no risks, I do not accept unworthy conditions ".

He assured that "resources and ink were not saved from a meditative vision to treat me with a hardness that only a perverse orchestration could promote, it is better to overcome yourself than to win a thousand battles".

Having identified himself as "this warrior who has peace," she apologized to the teachers of Mexico and regretted that they were being subjected to a political and meditative persecution aimed at making their employment victories, destroy them and disrupt their organization association.

"I regret that they have been blamed for the complex educational situation in the country, where most teachers do the best they can with the inadequate tools the government gives them, it was better to spend on propaganda than to invest in an effective program in improving the education of our people, "he said.

Also worry that some of the attentions attributed to him have contributed to being an easy target, a scapegoat accused of everything, but above all "I regret that those who have to defend them have not done it and have betrayed us" .

Take the opportunity to ask teachers in Mexico to give "the best of themselves on this day of school, as always, to give the children and girls the peace of mind that their concerns must be faithfully defended today, that their rights are defended with punctuality. that the dignity of the magisterium is re-evaluated ".

The ex-leader of the SNTE also urged the teachers to unite to meet the educational challenges of the moment "without resentment for the past and thinking about the future and stressed that" we meet these new phase in Mexico. We go for the excellence of public, secular and free education. It is necessary to face the moment and restore the power ".

Referring to the current political situation, he indicated that Mexico is immersed in a profound transformation and "we have received a great public lesson, which must be done cautiously, without obsessions and without hatred, they are resentment of the past and reflect on the future always working for the well-being of the country, the people and everything we need to be at the height of this new phase of Mexico's history, the upbringing we have today does not respond to the time we live, new voices, new currents and a new society is forcing us to make profound changes ".

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