I have escaped from the slander unaffected, says López Obrador

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The elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said he was unaffected by the slander produced by the fine of 197 million pesos imposed by the National Electoral Institute (INE) on Morena, for the establishment of the Trust Por los Demás to help victims of the earthquakes of September 2017, sanction that was repealed by the Electoral Court of the Judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF).

"All the advantages were given, therefore the slander could not influence and we left unharmed, because the most important thing is that the support was given directly, 2 thousand 400 pesos for each victim and we have the receipts and photo's of those who have received the supports. "There was a lot of transparency and clarity," he said.

In an interview in the transition house, López Obrador said that when the TEPJF decided not to pay Morena any more, he again sent a call to the leaders of that party and civil society to relaunch fundraising for those affected by the violations. start. earthquakes, by the same confidence to reach the target of 103 million pesos before 19 September.

On the same matter, the president of Morena, Yeidckol Polevnsky, denied that the TEPJF had favors or that the transition team of the elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, lobbied the magistrates to withdraw the fine.

Polevnsky said in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL that justice was done, because it was a mistake to ask Morena a fine for a subject that did not correspond with the analysis of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

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