I will earn less as a substitute than as an actor: Sergio Mayer

The actor Sergio Mayer said that with the salary of federal deputy of brunette he will not be able to live.

"I'm used to a different kind of life and of course I have to look for a different kind of income, because I have family and in the break period I will do it," he said.

"I like that my daughters have good schools, that they have a good education and that I will earn less as a substitute than what I earn as an actor or entrepreneur, I will also take a lot of risks and a lot with my family do, "he complained. He trusts, however, that "it will be worth the effort and the effort for the change and for the fourth transformation".

When are you going to Legislative Palace of San Lázaro Because of his credibility as a legislator, the actor premiered for the media of the political sector and he also claimed that, in legislative work, "Republican austerity is something and another is that you remain without any support."

The artist and businessman said that, for example, the issue of the advisers of the deputies and said that they should continue. "We are not magicians and we have to have advisors in one way or another, who are the ones who will help us to work on the problems, initiatives and programs."

He thought, however, that "the excesses of the deputies must be stopped, that seems to me fundamental, I am a citizen who was always against the excesses of the legislators, of the officials and even of the election campaigns".

He said that "my campaign was completely austere, there was no spectacular one wall, you can consult it, I did not spend any peso on advertising, I only worked on the territory and for the INE I registered only 90 thousand pesos. and that because those resources were proportional to the campaigns of Andrés Manuel (López Obrador) and Claudia Sheinbaum ".

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