Ignores the SAT extension for a new account cancellation schedule

the tax authorities (SAT) reported that there is no extra expansion planned upon the entry into force of the new process of cancellation of invoices.

The new services needed to cancel invoices are available to taxpayers on the SAT portal on September 1, and so far 97 percent of the certification providers already have permission to implement the new scheme, the agency said in a press release. statement.

the Fiscal code of the Federation It provides that invoices can only be canceled when the person in favor of whom they are issued accepts the cancellation, thereby notifying the recipient's right of the request and accepting or rejecting it.

This, he said, because it was discovered that some taxpayers who issued vouchers were unjustly terminated unilaterally, regardless of whether they had already been paid and the operation they were supporting had been effectively carried out.

To implement this cancellation procedure and the progress of technological developments, the SAT has already made provisions that have extended its entry into force, so that it finally begins on September 1st.

The SAT thanked the efforts of the taxpayers during the updating of the law, which has succeeded in stimulating the modernization of the tax in Mexico.


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