In less than three months, armed men have taken four high school students in Tijuana

Tijuana.- At least four students of the Lázaro Cárdenas Federal High School in Tijuana have been captured by armed men in less than three months. Only in one case did the 14-year-old girl appear a few hours later and was released after cutting her hair.

Last Thursday, family members of Jasmine, a federal school student, asked community support through social networks to find the teenager because they had no information about her whereabouts because she did not return home after finishing her lessons.

Hours later the same family reported that she had been found after she had communicated from an internet cafe to ask for help and to go home, she explained that armed men took her away in a white van during the afternoon when she left high school .
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<p>It was located by the police in El Jibarito [colonia popular de Tijuana]where it was abandoned. In this case, and thanks to the received support, it has been returned.</p>
<p>The deputy prosecutor of Tijuana, Jorge Alberto Álvarez, explained during a press conference that the Public Prosecutor's Office (PGJE) instituted an investigation into deprivation of liberty against the adolescent; However, they still expect the young woman to lodge the complaint with the Public Prosecution Service.</p>
<p>The director of the campus, José Cruz Olguín, indicated that they have knowledge of at least three other cases of raised children. He added that when the first disappearance was made public, he requested the support of the local authorities to be more vigilant in the area.</p>
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