In March they make pints in PGR in favor of Ayotzinapa

In March they make pints in PGR in favor of Ayotzinapa

In March they make pints in PGR in favor of Ayotzinapa. Photo & # 39; s: Daniel Magaña


Relatives and sympathizers of the 43 normalists of Ayotzinapa, violated the main entrance of the offices of the Prosecutor General (PGR).

Minutes after noon on Thursday, fans of the 43 young students disappeared in Iguala, arrived on board of buses to the roundabout of Insurgentes, Colonia Roma, Cuauhtémoc delegation where the PGR offices are located to request a hearing and information to ask of the investigation into the case of young people.

Faced with the refusal of the federal unit authorities to enter into a dialogue with the parents and representatives of family membersthey painted with paint on the glass doors The expression "We are missing 43" is predominant.

"In view of the attitude of the PGR, closed doors and deaf ears, we decided to take these actions", is a pint.

"We continue to emphasize that we need to know the whereabouts of young people."

This is an act of protest and fatigue final; it has been four years since they simulated their work, but we do not know anything. That is the truth. We want the research to continue, "said Felipe de la Cruz, spokesman for the parents of the 43.

He also noted that as a result of the evasion by the federal authorities, which did not give a concrete answer, they will persist in their demands tomorrow in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

After the protest was over, institutional security personnel from the PGR carried out an inspection and the slogans were removed with solvents.

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