In the term of AMLO there are no favorite contractors or a place for corrupt companies: Jiménez Espriú

In the next sex year there will be no favorite contractors or leniency for the construction companies that commit corruption, said the next head of the Secretariat for Communication and Transport (SCT), Javier Jiménez Espriú.

"We want that all bidding processes are transparent and we are going to rely on the international experience there, "he said.

After presenting a presentation of his work plan for the next six years, Espriú was interviewed by Alberto Pérez Jácome, director of La Peninsular, who asked for his comments on the improvement in bidding processes that will be implemented.

"There will be different mechanisms. We will publish everything, we will have specialized workgroups that analyze all stages of the contracting processes ".

With a certain irony he said that he has heard that the construction sector is mostly derived from the corruption sector, so it is essential to have the support of the private sector to prevent bad practices.

"In a meeting with construction companies, he told them they could give a seminar on corruption technology, so the most important thing is to work together on this sensitive issue," he said.

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