In Tijuana they find 200 minors at a clandestine party with drugs and alcohol

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Tijuana.- About 200 minors were surprised by the Tijuana police at a party where they found alcohol, but also marijuana and crystal; the teenagers paid between 150 and 200 pesos for entering the event that was held in a room in which, besides the fabrics, they promised strippers.

The organizer is a young man named Enrique – also a minor – who identified himself as the manager of the Facebook page "Busca Novia", from which the party was announced.

According to the report, the municipal police conducted an operation on Saturday after 22:00 at the request of the Directorate Inspection and Verification. The agents, together with the unit's staff, moved to the site, located at Trigo Street 340, of the Colonia Familia Farms, east of the city, one of the areas with the highest number of crimes.

When the police arrived, they found about 400 young people, about half of whom were minors. In identifying the company the guests fled, some of them got into their cars and withdrew, others ran; Those who failed to flee, however, had to wait until their parents picked them up.

In a video broadcast of one of those present, Alexis name, you see dozens of teenagers running from the place while patrols were on their way to the ballroom.

In the last organizer's publication, last Friday, before removing his Facebook account and a day after the operation, he asked who would attend the SBN (Bride Search), in the most recent reactions some young people demanded the return of their money. have interrupted the celebration.

The Director of Inspection and Verification, Vicente Jiménez, said that during the operation they found evidence of drugs (marijuana and glass) that were abandoned when the mobilization began.

He explained that the dependence on his office closed the building because of the sale and consumption of alcohol without the associated permit, and because a fee was charged for access to the site, in addition to the existence of minors.

The Tijuana public safety secretariat reported that there were no detainees, because they were minors, and no adults in their place, because they were not found to be flagrant delicto; However, they had to wait until the three hours that the operation lasted, and for the parents to pick up their children.

The study into alcohol, drugs and tobacco consumption 2016-2017 placed Baja California as the first place in the country with the highest consumption of amphetamines. Tijuana is the capital of this company, with substances such as glass, with prices that do not exceed 50 pesos per dose.

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