It arises in Puebla for the teacher to prevent the return of Elba Esther Gordillo to the SNTE

PUEBLA, Pue. (Good) .- Puebla teachers, members of the Democratic Movement of Teachers (MDM), announced the formation of a front to prevent Elba Esther Gordillo from taking control of the National Union of Educational Workers (SNTE) again.

In a statement, about 100 active mentors and pensioners belonging to section 23 of the SNTE called on the trade union to prevent a setback in the union.

"We call on the teachers to close the ranks to prevent control of the SNTE again by the teacher, which has been a tax on our democracy," they said in a statement released Tuesday, a day after the teacher repulse appeared again. in public, after more than five years in prison.

"Puebla is the cradle of the Mexican Revolution, which has given scientific and democratic socialist leaders, so our historical burden is now forcing us to demonstrate to Gordillo, who wants to regain political control for himself with the flag of educational reform. hands, as their style is, "the document reads.

According to the members of the MDM, when Gordillo Morales was the leader of the SNTE, political rights and democracy were suspended within the union, and proof of this was that they amended the statutes to remain a leader from 1992 to 2013, when she was detained by the Attorney General (PGR).

"(Gordillo) put an end to any attempt at a pro-democratic political organization, despite the fact that trade union teachers have historically united to defend our rights and take part in matters of national importance," they emphasized.

Similarly, they rejected the statements of the ex-secretary of SNTE 51, Cirilo Salas, now deputy for Nueva Alianza (Panal), who called on the Puebla teachers to join the Teachers for Mexico (MXM) organization, which is the return of Gordillo to the leadership of the union.

Salas Hernández confirmed his loyalty to Gordillo Morales and assured that the goal of MXM is to create a deliberative space in which public school is defended, inclusion, quality and justice, as well as to improve social security, and cultural and sporting incentives from the teachers.

The legislator indicated that in the first phase they expected to include MXM in 2000 Puebla teachers and then to quadruple that number in a second phase.

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