It increases to five of the dead by attacking the Monterrey bars [Estados] – 18-08-2018

Monterrey.- In the early hours of this Saturday, the death toll rose to five during the attacks on the Monterrey bars.

The first incident occurred in the bar & # 39; Woman Men & # 39; s Club & # 39 ;, which is located on Lincoln Avenue in the district of Valle de las Mitras. The balance at that location was of two injured: Cynthia Liliana Vega Limón, 33, customer, and José Antonio Morales, 48, identified as security personnel.

In a second attack against & # 39; Bar Jercha & # 39; s & # 39 ;, located in Héroes del 47, in the Cantú district, two died: an unidentified man and a woman named María Josefina Morales González, 50, waitress of the place.

In the same case, there was an injured person Jose de Jesus Charles de la Cruz, 60 years old, apparently owner of the company.

Subsequently, in an attack on the & # 39; Bar Mansao & # 39 ;, located on Lincoln Avenue, in the colony Graciano Bortoni, armed men Cristóbal have murdered Torres de la Rosa, 27, taxi driver and injured Valentín Flores Nájera, 33, valet parking business.

At a fourth attack in the bar & # 39; Los Rieles & # 39 ;, located in the Chepevera neighborhood, he died Felipe de Jesús Navarro, 54 years old, valet king, and another deceased person who is probably Erik Armando Vela Romero is named, who is designated as a client.

At the bar & # 39; Tolos & # 39 ;, at the Calle Tapia, in the center, one was injured: Rodolfo González Almaguer, customer of

Finally, at the & # 39; Black & # 39 ; bar, in the San Bernabé district, an injured man was identified as Erik Antonio Varela Briseño, 42, a customer.

Only the blasts were in the bar & # 39; La Junta & # 39 ;. that damaged the facade.

The total number of deaths was 5 and 6 wounded.

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