Jalisco prosecutor investigates kidnapping of eight young people

Employees in the field of deliberate killings of the Attorney General of Jalisco investigate the deprivation of liberty and mistreatment of eight young men, one of whom died as a result of injuries caused by armed men.

According to the research leaflet, the facts were recorded this Sunday afternoon, in Calzada de los Empredores and Maximiliano in Valle de Los Emprendedores, in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga.

Trailer with corpses wandered through Jalisco due to lack of space in morgue

In that place, a group of young people were deprived of freedom by armed subjects, who forced them to climb several vehicles to take them to two farms where they were tortured.

Later, the young people came to ask for help from the employees of a gas station near the downhill drive of Villa Fontana in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, where emergency units arrived to help the wounded.

One of the victims was found dead, at the intersection of Fuente Gris Street and Camino a Santa Cruz del Valle, Colonia Villa Fontana in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, this is a man who presented several blows.

An agent from the public prosecutor's office of the central prosecution opened the research folder to begin with the corresponding questions.

State police are killed in the native of Mezquitán, in Zapopan, Jalisco

The wounded receive medical assistance and are expected to be discharged in the coming hours.

With information from the parquet of Jalisco


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