Juan Carlos Romero Hicks and Damián Zepeda will coordinate panistas in Congreso de la Unión

The National Action Party (PAN) has determined that its coordinators in the Congress of the Union will still be Senator and Deputy Juan Carlos Romero Hicks for the Chamber of Deputies.

while before the Senate will go the former national president of the blue and white, Damián Zepeda.

According to a statement, Zepeda Vidales requested a license to assume the coordination with the secretary general, Marcelo Torres Cofiño, as president.

The names are made by Torres Cofiño, who said that the National Action caucuses they are called to play with creativity and intelligence the role of the main opposition force in Mexico.

"A constructive opposition, but at the same time firm, that supports everything that is good for the country, and also points out what goes against the general interest"he assured.

In accordance with the party statutes, it is the power of the national president to appoint the parliamentary coordinators, after consultation with elected legislators.

The parliamentary leaders nominated by Marcelo Torres could be relieved with the renewal of the leadership, predicted in October or November.

Romero Hicks graduated in labor relations, graduated from the University of Guanajuato. He was rector of this house of studies, governor of that state, director of the National Council for Science and Technology in the six years of former President Felipe Calderón.

Zepeda studied law at the University of Sonora. He was a local and federal deputy, candidate for branch president, secretary general and president of the PAN.

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