Judge determines the prison for the driver who died of Tizimín's children

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MERIDA.- The State Attorney General (FGE) made the allocation to the citizen Jesús Eduardo H.R. for his alleged participation in the crimes of murder and injury, both committed by guilt; denounced after the events that took place in Tizimín last Tuesday, where the little Saul Neftali R. C. and four more children were injured when they were hit by a vehicle.

At the hearing in the first court of law of the fifth court, based in Valladolid, the detention was declared legal and the office of the prosecutor formulated the attribution of the crimes and requested precautionary measure of incarceration for Jesus Eduardo, the same thing that was granted by the Judge of Control during the time that the trial lasts.

After the allocation, the FGE presented the proof of the investigation file of the criminal case 33/2018 and requested the link to the indictment process, for which the judicial authority, after evaluation, ordered the order of link to process and granted a period of two months for the additional examination.

As will be recalled, the events took place on 28 August, when the defendant was driving a motor vehicle on 61st Street in the city of Tizimín; when driving without the necessary zeal he crashed on the sidewalk, so he loses control of the car and climbs to the sidewalk, where the victims were, resulting in a child killed and four injured.

Performances indicate that the young driver was drunk.

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