Judge orders the release of co-defendants in the Esther Gordillo case in Elba

A federal judge ordered the immediate release of Isaías Gallardo Chávez and José Manuel Díaz Flores, accused by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of the crimes of organized crime and operations with funds of illegal origin, in the process that was followed by the teacher Elba Esther Gordillo.

Despite the verdict of the court, both employees of the National Union of Education Workers they will continue in prison, for the time being, because anyway expose accusations for crimes of tax fraud, crime that is not serious and that they can meet in freedom.

Federal officials revealed that the sixth district judge for federal criminal proceedings, located in the preventive Eastern prison, the incident of dismissal promoted by Gallardo and Díaz Flores.

The Minister of Justice considered that the tests presented by the PGR against both people, in the case of money laundering, they were obtained in an illegal wayl because there was no court order to review the financial accounts and movements of the members of the SNTE, and there was no complaint from the tax authorities. while The crime of organized crime is not configured.

According to the PGR accusation, Elba Esther he has benefited one thousand 978 million pesos, through financial transfers by three people close to her.

The money that was reportedly washed by the teacher, said PGR, belonged to the SNTE and used it for the payment of pilots, purchase of houses and reconstructive operations in the United Statesbank deposits in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein and for the payment of an American Express credit card.

Three people concentrated most of the above resources, according to the complaint. They are: Nora Guadalupe, Isaías Gallardo Chávez and José Manuel Díaz Flores; the PGR claimed that not one of them was authorized to deal with the funds of the union, Besides They used personal accounts.

On August 7, Miguel Ángel Aguilar López, head of the First Court in Criminal Matters with his residency in Mexico City, gave the order release of Elba Esther because the PGR and the Ministry of Finance acted illegally to accuse her of crimes of organized crime and operations with funds of illegal origin.

The above is stated in the decision of the unspecified case of dismissal that was decided by the First Court in criminal cases.


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