Leave heavy rain tides in Morelos

The intense rains recorded during the weekend caused severe flooding and damage in the municipalities Jojutla and Tlaquiltenango in Morelos, where there is still a delicate situation among the population.

In some images shared on social networks, the emergency situation experienced by the inhabitants of these places is observed. Water that penetrates houses, crossed streets and vehicles under water.

According to information from Civil Protection of the state, the rain that was registered during the day of yesterday left critical attacks in 15 colonies of Jojutla and in 2 of Tlaquiltenango. Many of these colonies are the same as a year ago and were most affected by the earthquake September 19th.


The damage also mentioned the fall of a fence in the municipal route of Jojutla and the overflow of a canal in the Zapata district.

The city council of Jojutla explained that there are between 400 and 500 houses that have suffered damage as a result of the floods after the abundant rain that took place last night, as well as flood channels and the partial collapse of the Alta Vista – Pedro Amaro highway.

The School of Higher Studies of the Autonomous university of Morelos in Jojutla He suspended the lessons today because of the floods and is expected to resume the activities tomorrow.

Technical high school number two, Venustiano Carranza Elementary, Benito Juarez High School, and high school also announced the suspension of activities, at least during this time.

The federal deputy Jorge Argüelles deplored the situation in both municipalities and condemned the authorities' negligence for the lack of planning and implementation of prevention measures during the rainy season.

So far, the loss of human lives has not been reported.

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