License for Velasco was approved because "it is a constitutional right," MC Senator argues

MONTERREY, NL (with good results) .- Samuel García Sepúlveda, senator of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) for Nuevo León, explained that he has approved the Manuel Velasco Coello license to return to Chiapas to take over the governorship because it is a right that corresponds to him and that, I would have exercised in any case.

The also state leader of MC rejected that his decision, in the two rounds, was part of the negotiations in which five deputies from the PVEM were given to Morena in exchange for this permission.

He said he supported the motion because, if rejected, the Chiapanec would have obtained it through constitutional sources.

García Sepúlveda said he was obliged to be consistent with his voice: in the same session he gave his approval so that José Ramón Enríquez, MC-senator in Durango, could leave the seat to return to that state's capital for his term as Mayor to complete.

"Licenses are a constitutional right and can not be avoided, and if they did, they would have given him the permit in half an hour with an umbrella and the waist hand.Yesterday, several permits were approved, including those from Movimiento. Ciudadano and in a congruence plan I can not violate the constitution and the rights of any legislator unless a comrade of a bank was in a similar situation, "he argued.

The Nuevo Leon acknowledged that these were controversial actions that enabled Velasco Coello to win the senate and then return to Chiapas as deputy governor, although the senators' participation in this matter was in fact only a formality and he, in particular, he voted both times.

The Senator accused Morena and the Green Mexican Ecologist Party (PVEM) of making the license more difficult by negotiating an "old PRI" style: the PVEM delivered five delegates to the Caesar of Morenoist in exchange for that political favor. passed.

"I can tell you aloud that yesterday in the Senate several licenses came out and Morena was the only bank that changed their mind on a rule, in the traditional style, they voted against a permit, they forced the Green to negotiate and this provided deputies and senators on and in return they illegally agreed that they would vote in the same session to vote, "he said.

Finally, Garcia denounced that this license he granted would affect him politically, apparently his voice was part of a negotiation.

"On the contrary, I think I did very well, I reviewed the networks and the notes and the one who presented the initiative to reject the gas olinazo, approved by all banks, and that is what the people of Nuevo León have have their head and not the object of the permit, "he said.

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