Live Monterrey evening of terror [Nacional] – 19-08-2018

Saltillo, Coahuila.- Valeria could not control her tears, her grief was clear when she remembered how she was an impotent witness to the moment her partner was assassinated in Los Rieles last night in Monterrey, a municipality that was awakened by a security fence on the main roads through a series of attacks in bars and nightclubs, leaving a balance of five dead and eight wounded

"He fell into my arms, he was shot, we left to leave and, we heard the shots and we went back in. We wanted to hide, but they went in (armed men) and shot him down, "the young woman told police and family members.

Her friend Erick Armando Vela Romero, between 25 and 30 years old, was left without a life. Outside, the body of valet parking, Felipe Navarro, 48, remained inert after the passing of the armed men, who shot him before entering to shoot the young man.

Although the incidents seem unusual, they accurately reflect how violence is stimulated in Nuevo León. The shootings evoked the incidents recorded in Nuevo León from 2009 to 2012, in the light of the territorial disputes of cartels in the metropolitan area and in municipalities such as García, Galeana, Juárez, among others.

Also, as an announced accident, this is the second time so far this year that this modus operandi is popping up again. In 41 days there were 15 attacks on bars with at least 38 shots, 18 of whom lost their lives. There was only one arrest.

This is a fierce reminder of the effervescence with which criminal groups maintain a silent war that was made visible yesterday with an accurate warning: in July the entity recorded an alarming 73% of murders in a


In less than 40 minutes and not more than 200 meters apart, El Mansao, Woman and Black were attacked – apparently by the same gunmen – in the Colony Saint George Other attacks were also included in bars such as Los Rieles, Bar Tolo & # 39; s, Jecha & # 39; s and La Junta.

According to a police source, a valet parking in the Mansao dive was killed in the parking lot of a shopping mall in the Graciano Bortoni district. A woman reportedly of South American descent was also injured in this incident.

About 100 meters away, in the table dance Woman, in the Colonia San Jorge, three people were shot, including a woman. It was reported that Cinthya Vega Simón, 33, who works as a dancer, was shot in the belly, while the cadeneros Antonio Cruz Morales, 46, received a bullet in the left leg.

The State Police indicated that in the black bar there were only shots to the facade, while another attack was raised in the bar Los Rieles, by Pablo A. González, in the Chepevera district, where Vela Romero and Felipe Navarro the victims.

There was also reported a bullet attack in the bar of Tolo, located in Plato Sanchez and Tapia, where a client identified as Rodolfo Flores Almaguer, 64, was injured in the neck. In Second of San Francisco and Heroes of 47, in the Cantú colony, two wounded and were injured in the attack at midnight against the Jecha bar, one of which died in the hospital.

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