López Obrador announces investment of 21 billion pesos in Jalisco for social programs & # 39; s infrastructure

GUADALAJARA, Jal. (apro) .- Elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that next year Jalisco will invest 21 billion pesos in social programs, maintenance of the road infrastructure, education, health and work will continue without concluding .

"We will have enough income, and this plan will be fulfilled, we already know we have enough to finance these programs, this 21 billion will bring Jalisco directly to citizens in 2019, that's the promise," he said.

In order to be able to achieve these resources, those who really need support, López Obrador has announced to the approximately three thousand 500 people present at the Plaza de la República that the well-being will be carried out within a week.

"To be sure what senior citizens will receive the support, which person with a disability, which youngster will receive the scholarship, which family will receive the support so that their children will not leave the school, we will hold a census that will call the prosperity count," explained he out.

He reiterated that there were no intermediaries for the delivery of funds to the most deprived, and explained that this would be done directly through Bansefi.

"That bank will be strengthened and become the welfare bank and have branches in all cities so that people can get a card and get their money immediately," he announced.

As part of his thank-you trip, López Obrador broke in how the funds will be delivered in the state: 112,000 young people will be hired to learn a trade and three thousand 300 pesos a month will be paid, which would mean "an investment, no expense "of 4 thousand 844 million pesos.

11 thousand 257 university students receive a scholarship of two thousand 400 pesos a month, corresponding to a payout of three thousand 420 million pesos, while 250 thousand high school students receive 800 pesos a month, for which they are allocated 2,000 409 million pesos.

At the same time, López Obrador said that four new universities would be built that would be located in the municipalities of Ayotlán, Tomatlán, Tuxpán and Tecolotlán.

The elected president said that the Prospera program will continue, but the difference will be that the aid to 187 thousand families in the state is done directly, for them 1. 345 million pesos would be allocated.

A 560 thousand 946 elderly people, regardless of whether they have IMSS or ISSSTE pension, their pension is doubled to 274 pesos per month, which means that the budget will be paid out to 8000 580 million pesos. Older adults in indigenous communities will receive such support after the age of 65. Up to 67 thousand 849 people with disabilities receive a comparable amount of help.

Lopez Obrador said that Liconsa will buy the guaranteed price for the producers of the field in 5,610 pesos per tonne of corn, currently they are paid in three thousand pesos. While the ton of rice, wheat and beans would be bought at 14 thousand 500 pesos. For the milk farmers the price per liter is bought at 8 pesos by twenty cents, this would represent a higher weight.

López Obrador also reminded that he will fulfill his pledge to build line 4 of the light rail that would go to Tlajomulco, he once again committed himself to solving the problems of water shortage, violence and insecurity & # 39; for human rights & # 39 ;.

Before making their speech, the attendees of the meeting used the presence of the media to show on cardboard and blankets what they asked the elected presidents. Some asked for his intervention, so that a ministerial cemetery near the subdivisions Vistas de Tonallan, Padreras de Tonallan; Walks of the Cañada; Cañadas Real; Las Palmas; Morals 1 and 2; Views of Pedregal Santa Martha, in Tonalá.

Others denounced the expropriation of a public land of 4 thousand square meters in the Colonia Arcos de Guadalupe in Zapopan. They claim that the property was sold by the municipal government itself, if that would be room for a school.

Some wanted to give the foundation to all the staff at the General Hospital of the West & # 39; and those affected by the Coincide project demanded that they intervene to regain the funds they invested there. Meanwhile, the indigenous community of Atotonilquillo, Chapala Municipality, demanded "doctors, medicines and sanitation from Lerma-Santiago."

While some supporters, some of whom arrived in a few 12 foreign or urban trucks that were hired, others came on their own.

Prior to the meeting, López Obrador met the acting and elected governor, Aristóteles Sandoval and Enrique Alfaro respectively, who both had the same social development program. He confirmed that they agreed to work with respect to achieve the fourth transformation of the country.

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