Man leaves his wife and baby outside the & # 39; pa & # 39; from the subway to follow the party & # 39;

A 25-year-old woman, with a nine-month baby in her arms, spent the night in the Tacubaya metro entrance in Mexico City, while her husband decided to continue the party with his friends and he left her there, so that when she opened the station she could go back to the house & # 39; … in the state of Mexico.

Fortunately, it was policemen who heard the woman cry outside the station and went outside to see what was happening; there was the young woman, at 3 o'clock in the morning, with her baby in her arms and very afraid to be in a dangerous environment.

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The officers asked their superiors for permission for the woman to enter the facilities and spend the night in the station until it was opened. And so it was; the officer Andrea Casimiro Hernández sheltered her and gave her a chair and a blanket, so that she and her baby could cover themselves with cold.

The father put his & # 39; successful & # 39; feast evidently, not knowing what happened to his family. The story, reports Televisa News, was commented on the Special Operations page Mexico & # 39; on Facebook.

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