Margarita Zavala assures that the Free Civil Society does not try to be a political party

Mexico City.- The former independent presidential candidate, Margarita ZavalaHe pointed out that the Free civil association It does not want to be a political party, even if it has political purposes.

He indicated that The goal is to make political proposals and public policy, where society feels heard and can find a space.

"It is a civil society that is a new space, because many people do not like it in parties, this is a public civil association that does not mean a political party, but what is a national civil association and not the whirlpool of a political party. "he said in an interview.

After the presentation of the civil association, value former President Felipe Calderón, the former PAN, she added that her association nor does it intend to compete with political parties, because those who participate in it can also belong to a political party that is there.

"It is a civil association with a political vocation, which does not exclude participation in other associations or political parties, which here is people who have not found spaces," he said.

Zavala insisted that the association should not seek the emergence of a new political party, but the establishment of a civil society group with other associations that offer solutions to the problems of the country.

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