Mario Castro Basto, former officer of Borge, is arrested

The parquet specialized in the fight against corruption in Quintana Roo reported Sunday on the arrest in Mérida, Yucatán, Mario Castro Basto, former president of the PRI in Cancún and extitular of the Secretariat for infrastructure and transport of the state, during the Government of PRI Roberto Borge

Castro Basto, according to the lights of the century, is "involved in the diversion of public funds in the parastatal Vip Saesa, company that provided air taxi services to Borge and members of his cabinet."

According to the prosecutor of Quintana Roo, "the procedure is carried out so that he can be transferred to the city as established by law and with respect for human rights that help him."

Luces del Siglo noted in one of his reports that Castro Basto was fired from infrastructure and transport amid allegations of alleged diversion of means. [1] 9659005] #AlMomento 🔴 The @ FGEQuintanaRoo captures the former owner of @SINTRAinforma Marío Castro Basto, who is involved in the diversion of public sources in the parastatal VIP Saesa, a company that he provided air taxi services to Borge and members of his cabinet.

– Lights of the Century (@lucesdelsiglo) 19 August 2018

In a January 2015 note, the local media reported a holiday trip that Castro Basto different American cities, such as New York.

After having been accused of alleged irregularities in the management of food, as deputy manager of the Chetumal Operative Unit of Diconsa, he was suspended by that entity in March. 2017, while the investigation of the case was continued.

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