Martí Batres announces that he will become president of the Senate

the Senator for Morena, Martí Batres Guadarrama, announced that will be president of the Senate, from the installation of the 64 legislative power.

The decision of the Morena bank was taken this afternoon by consensus in the work of the group in the house of Xicoténcatl.

Batres Guadarrama was the leader of Morena in Mexico City when this political organization was founded.

The selection of the Mexico City legislature was adopted by consensus, once the other candidate, Cristobal Arias Solis, denied in his aspiration, "for the sake of unity" of the Morenoites in the Senate.

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For Batres Guadarrama to be President of the Senate, the plenary vote is required, in which Morena, together with the PT and the Senators of Morena, has an absolute majority and the consensus of the PAN, PRI Movimiento Ciudadano and PVEM is expected. will be obtained.

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