Martí Batres will be president of the Senate, decide morenistas

Martí Batres becomes president of the senate, morenistas. The elected senators of Morena made the decision by unanimous decision.

In completing the work of the seminary and the legislative workshop, in the house of Xicoténcatl, Senator Batres undertook to respect the plurality of votes in that legislative body and to work for the welfare of all Mexicans.

Martí Batres endorses his intention to preside over the Senate

"It is clear that the responsibility of the board of directors implies mediation, dialogue and agreements, I know how I agree and we will work internally and externally in that sense. […] There is a plural that goes beyond us and the voice of the citizen gave the majority vote to Morena but also gave representation to other political forces, "said Batres.

He said that at the beginning of the 64th legislature it will be a priority to take part in the agenda proposed by the elected President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Senate responds to Martí Batres on bonds granted to civil servants

"A twelve-point agenda has been proposed by the elected president and it is a very important axis, there may also be proposals from legislators, or from society and alongside legislators from other political forces, we must have the talent to reach consensus on that basis with everything, "he said.

The national leader of Morena, Yeidckol Polevnsky said he was satisfied with the decision of the senators.

"The fact that the president of the Senate is the founder of Morena when our president, who is going to govern this country, comes from Morena, is a sign as Malú Micher would say, a very good sign, an extraordinary sign. that Martí Batres will do well, "he said.

He also acknowledged the loss of Cristóbal Arias, senator-elect, who also sought the chairmanship of the council.

"I give myself a good service to participate as a senator and I told Senator Ricadro Monreal yesterday […] that, if it served him, that I refused, if it served unity, "recognized Senator Cristóbal Arias.

Earlier, the elected Senators of Morena made a joint statement in which they condemned the challenges posed by the PRI and the PAN for the elections of mayors and congresses of the state.

"We expressly express our absolute rejection of this behavior of the governors of federal entities and local magistrates to the national public and to society as a whole. […] Like the strongest and strongest rejection of the perverse attempt to beat the table what they lost at the ballot box, "said Ricardo Monreal.

With regard to the challenges that other political forces have denounced Morena's representation in the Congress of the Union, Senator-elect Ricardo Monreal, who will coordinate Morena's caucus, said that they have the right to do so, but that In reality, there is no overrepresentation.

(With information from Carolina Altolaguirre)


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