Mason kills with hammer and with a piggy bank the lover of his wife

A freemason killed with hammer blows and with a piggy bank the lover of his wife, whom he later tried to burn with alcohol. She managed to survive the attack.

Yesterday before dawn, a bricklayer arrived at his home in the city of Maquixco, Teotihuacan.

But in the house where he and Yuritsin lived for two months, the party was heard.

The sound of the music was the signal with which the neighbors of the place knew that she had stayed with a man who was not her husband. In the morning they confirmed it. Around 9 am the wounded woman asked for help from one of the neighbors.

After they called the police, they discovered the body of a man who was bloody in the house.

Security agents came to the scene and guarded the area of ​​crime. They implemented a search to find the alleged perpetrator; however, they were unsuccessful.

Experts have lifted the body to transfer it to the forensic medical service.

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