Massacre in Apaseo el Alto, six deaths in two attacks

A house was attacked by an armed group, during the flight a new attack arose in which a family died

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Apaseo el Alto.- Bloody Sunday, where up to now six deaths have been reported, including a minor and a woman in the Community of Realgargar after an armed attack.

A report to emergency room 911, alarming emergencies about blasts of firearms, in a house on the Private first May in the community in question.

When the police arrived, they found the bodies of four people, three of whom had no vital signs, because of the injuries caused by the projectiles that heavily armed people were releasing their counter-gas, it was announced that another person was injured.

After the murder was committed, the aggressors fled to the road to Juan Martin meeting a white van where a family was traveling, at this point there was a second attack just one kilometer away from the house.

In this second attack, a minor was killed and the father, the mother died when she was hospitalized to receive medical assistance in a local hospital.

Both areas were protected by elements of the single command, while experts from the Attorney General and agents specializing in criminalistics have carried out the corresponding investigations and the collection of evidence and have therefore carried out a preliminary investigation against those responsible for this attack, who Apaseo-strong population.

After the necessary evidence was obtained, the bodies were ordered to be taken to a forensic medical service where the section will be performed.


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