Meet the new family of tickets; the $ 500, the first

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) puts the new family of banknotes into circulation starting with the designation of 500 pesos that will be available from today through the banking system.

He also announced the new security measures with which paper money counts, so that the general population can identify them and prevent them from ending up in any form of fraud.

The Governor of Banxico, Alejandro Díaz de León, explained that these new bills will represent improvements in their characteristics of security, functionality and sustainability. They will have graphic motifs that will reflect the historical identity and natural heritage of Mexico.

"Due to technical progress, security requirements, the wear and tear of paper money in circulation or the new needs of users, banknote families are often renewed periodically, these updates are planned well in advance because the design and production process takes several years," he explained.

Likewise, he acknowledged that with this issue of banknotes the Government Council faces various challenges such as counterfeiting, sustainability and authentication.

Benito Juárez replaces Diego and Frida

On the new 500 pesorota the predominant color is blue and the substrate on which it is printed is made of cotton. It has dimensions of 146 mm long x 65 mm high, that is, it has a smaller size than the one that is currently circulating.

In the main view the process of the Reformation and the Restoration of the Republic is illustrated, for that reason the main reason is a portrait of President Benito Juárez.

"On the left, the vignette is a fragment of the engraving of Alberto Beltrán, which represents the triumphant entry of Juarez into Mexico City, beginning in the period known as the restored republic," said Díaz de León.

To facilitate the identification of the ticket for people with visual weakness and blindness, three tactile lines are also included in the upper left corner.

In terms of security, this new ticket has the name multicolor, which is printed with a special ink that changes color from green to blue, depending on the angle at which the ticket is tilted. It will also have sensitive reliefs for touch and dynamic wire, watermark and growth detection

El Banxico confirmed that the banknotes they have on their fronts at Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Ignacio Zaragoza will continue to be valid to make payments and be gradually withdrawn from the circulation in accordance with the deterioration of their physical condition.

What are the changes in the other tickets

The new invoices will be manufactured using the latest generation of materials, which can extend their useful life in circulation. The thematic motifs in their designs will refer to the historical processes that have defined us as a nation and, for the first time, emphasize the natural richness that is spread across the national territory.

The new accounts family will consist of six denominations, the two of lower value (50 and 100 pesos) will be manufactured in polymer and the other four (200, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 pesos) will of cotton.

In your front of each denomination you can display one of the following historical processes: the old Mexico, the colony, the independence, the reform and the restoration of the republic, the revolution and contemporary Mexico.

The Governor of Banxico confirmed that the opposite reflects the six most representative ecosystems of our geography: rivers and lakes, temperate forests, dry forests, scrub and deserts, coasts, seas and islands and rainforests, through recognized locations in the World Heritage List of the Organization for Education, Science and Culture of the United Nations.

He claimed that on the back of each new ticket an element of fauna and flora is identified with each of the six ecosystems.

"With its appearance in the banknotes it will be possible to know in more detail the various ecosystems in the country, as well as to appreciate their importance for economic and social development and to contribute to the preservation of this legacy" recognized.

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