Message from Mauricio Vila on the assumption of the government of Yucatán
MÉRIDA.- Mauricio Vila Dosal became today Governor of Yucatánafter confirming his constitutional commitment to the State Congress.

The solemn session was held in the theater "José Peón contreras", the replacement seat of the legislature.

The PAN emphasized that his goal would be "to serve all Yucatecans without distinction of any kind" and confirmed that "I will lead an efficient, transparent government, respecting the law, but above all an enemy of corruption and impunity."

Then the full text of the message from Mauricio Vila Dosal:


I warmly greet the legislators and legislators of this Honorable Congress of the state of Yucatan. I express my respect and my conviction in the task of testing, counterweight and supplementation of this State Congress. I would like to repeat once again that I will do my best to ensure that our relationship is based not only on that respect and recognition, but also on a more effective exchange and better results for citizens.

At the same time, I would like to thank all those present who accompany us during this ceremony, where I have given up the Constitutional Dedication as Governor of the State.
This is a historic event, full of hope for Yucatan and the Yucatecans.

I especially want to thank the people of Yucatan for giving me the opportunity to serve this country of which we are extremely proud. The responsibility that I assume today is great; I am aware that the hope of the Yucatecans lies in building a Yucatan with a better future and more opportunities. I assure you that we will work every day and with all our efforts to meet the confidence that the citizens have placed in us.

We are going to save the sense of politics as the tremendous opportunity someone has to serve others. For me, politics and public offices are only justified to reinforce public welfare. Before that I went into politics and that will continue to be my way of acting.

For this task I declare myself free of certain obligations that prevent me from taking responsibility for being a director. My only goal will be to serve all Yucatecans without distinction of any kind.

My only commitment is with Yucatan and Mexico, and for that reason I am going to run a government that fully guarantees the liberties and fundamental rights of everyone. I am going to lead an efficient, transparent government, with respect for the law, but above all an enemy of corruption and impunity. That is my commitment.

I repeat, as I did a few months ago, my recognition of those who fought with me during the last elections for governorship. I thank the thousands of citizens who voted for me and those who did not, I ask you the opportunity to show them that you can govern everyone.

Again, I must make it clear that the elections have already passed. Now it is all about working together to build the Yucatan that we all dream and deserve.

The Yucatecans spoke for a change and that change will be seen and will be felt from the first days of my government. It is a responsible change. From a change that will retain and improve what has been done well; but that simultaneously with intelligence, innovation and efficiency will promote new government programs and actions to give Yucatan the future that it deserves and can achieve.

Yucatan is once again experiencing a change in the executive power. It does this in a climate of peace, peace and respect for the law. I would like to thank all the political actors and, in my predecessor, Mr Rolando Zapata Bello, acknowledge his attitude in this democratic transition and the facilities provided for the good of Yucatan.

We are a state with enormous potential, but also with major problems that we have inherited for many years and that we have not been able to overcome.

In order to start overcoming these obstacles, which set limits on the development of Yucatan, the first thing we must achieve is that governments are not a burden for citizens but allies of society to achieve the Yucatan we all deserve.

You know my style of government. What we did during my city council in the municipality of Mérida, we now want to do for the 106 municipalities throughout Yucatan.

As I have always said, I am convinced that citizens are tired of sterile and absurd confrontations. Citizens do not want lawsuits, citizens want results.

And those results are only achieved in the sincere and respectful dialogue. In the agreement that respects values ​​and abilities. In the joint work of government and society. In the meeting that stands above the personal or group interests, the importance of Yucatan and Mexico.

That is why from the very first moments of my government, I want to make it clear that my relationship with the other powers of the state will be based on a deep respect for their capacities and a constructive dialogue that benefits the citizens. Mr. President of this congress, deputy Felipe Cervera Hernández, and those who are part of this legislature: have this provision, for my part, to work together for the good of Yucatán.

This same respect and our cooperation with the judiciary. Mr. President of the Court, Dr. Marco Celis Quintal, as I have told you and the magistrates and members of the Judiciary during the visit that I did a few days ago, I say my complete attitude so that we can combine the mechanisms of tendering and provision of fast, efficient and fast justice that requires so much Yucatecan society.

I show respectfully the municipal autonomy and for that reason the state government will go hand in hand with the 106 municipal councils of the state – without distinction – to jointly combat the evil that affects our citizens. Companions Municipal Presidents, I know how complicated it is to be branch president and they will count on me to continue their congregations.

I am sure that a large and successful country needs the states of the republic to fulfill its function and achieve good results. Coordinated and respectful work is essential for this.

I ask you, Minister of Tourism of the Federal Government, Mr Enrique de la Madrid Cordero, to say to the President of the Republic, Mr Enrique Peña Nieto, that in Yucatan the new state government will coordinate efforts with the Federation so that in this last part of his government, it is possible to continue working for the welfare of the citizens of Yucatan.

At the same time, I have indicated that I am very honored by the presence of Senator Olga Sánchez Cordero, who was presented by the President-elect as the next Minister for the Interior. Through you, I would like to thank the following President of the Republic, Mr Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for his respect, as well as the willingness of Yucatan's new state government to carry out a coordinated and respectful work of the faculties under our orders of the government.

To reduce inequality, poverty and marginalization, the next president of the republic will have the government of the state of Yucatan an ally to combat these evils affecting the people of Yucatan.

The Mexicans and the Yucatecans announced their decision to change during the polls last July. In this decision, the desire of the Mexican people and the Yucatecans is implicitly to have governments that build a better Mexico and a better Yucatan with austerity, efficiency, decision-making and transparency. With regard to the attributions corresponding to every order of the government, the new government of the Republic in this new state government of Yucatan will find the decision to cooperate for this purpose.

Yucatan is a state of great contrasts. There are indices of economic growth and prosperity, a unique cultural wealth, quality of life and public security. But at the same time, these big benefits are threatened by major shortcomings.

There are two yucatans. Someone who watches Mérida every day and another who is in the state every day.

In terms of economic growth, investments and jobs are concentrated in Mérida, while the interior of the state lacks these development opportunities.

In some parts of Mérida, as in almost the entire interior of the state, there is still the scourge of a society with major inequalities, extreme poverty, lack of adequate health services, inadequate opportunities for access to education, lack of productivity in the field , among other delays.

Yucatan is not just Mérida. It is each of the 106 municipalities of which it exists and which have a wealth that we have not been able to use for the complete development of all Yucatecans.

Our state, which we are deeply proud of and has the great opportunity to improve and achieve its maximum potential, will not be able to achieve its goal unless we combat poverty and social inequality.

One thing is certain: if inequality, poverty and lack of opportunities are not resisted, our public security, our economic growth and our future are at risk. That is why we are going to transform the vision and functioning of the state government. This government will be a dynamic, efficient and fair management that puts the citizen at the heart of all public order. We will use innovation and all available technology to improve processes and be more efficient in serving the Yucatecans.

We will work day and night for all the congregations in Yucatan; we will be a tireless government with the determination and results that the Yucatecans expect. The government must be an ally of the citizens capable of promoting the full development of Yucatan as a whole. A government that costs less, does more and with officials without privileges.

Administrative reorganization

We will do it from the beginning. That is why I announced an administrative reorganization to be more efficient, some units will disappear, others will merge and new entities will be replaced.

As we have done in Mérida's municipal presidency, we will carry out this administrative reorganization in the government of the state and we will take austerity measures that will allow us to achieve better results and at the same time save a budget of one billion pesos a year in the expenditures flow, which we will allocate to more works and services for the Yucatecans.

At that time, before this legislative sovereignty, I will present the initiative with the corresponding changes to the code for public administration.

The aim is to prevent duplicates in functions, to optimize resources, to reduce bureaucracy and to provide a more efficient service.

Of course, I will have the support of the State Congress to have a more efficient government that costs citizens less.

In Yucatan we have a huge debt to women, the percentages of gender-based violence against them are unacceptable. That is why the Women & # 39; s Secretariat will be created in response to the commitment we have made in the campaign with human rights organizations, particularly those dealing with gender perspective and women's rights, which will absorb and improve the functions of the Institute for Human Rights. equality between men and women. This will be an organization with a larger hierarchy, a larger budget and that will be more efficient to combat this evil and to promote the full development of the Yucatan women.

Likewise, at the request of civil society organizations dealing with the issue, the Institute for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities will be established. With this, we are moving towards a public policy that promotes the transversality throughout the government of the inclusion of these Yucatecans and does not just stop in well-being.

Respecting the positions of trade union workers will dilute the structure of the government in at least 20% of the positions of trust. This will be complemented by an austerity program in the public administration of the Land, which, without compromising the good service, makes budget savings possible and removes privileges and unnecessary expenses for civil servants.

With these measures, I repeat, we have predicted a saving of one billion pesos per year in the current expenditure that will be spent on more works and services for the Yucatecans.

In Yucatan we now enjoy public safety with regard to the rest of the country. This is largely due to the professionalization of our security forces and the strength of the social fabric of the Yucatecans. But we can not let our guard down. We will strengthen security throughout the state by doing what is right and by improving our security practices, intelligence, training and staff.

Here I want to acknowledge and ask for the great coordination that we have always had between the secretariat of the public security of the state, the military, the Air Force and the Navy of Mexico. I would like to ask you a lot of applause for the work you do with courage, efficiency and sacrifice to guarantee the safety and the good in all corners of Yucatan and the country.

The tireless work of the state government will be the next 6 years. We will be a government that works to improve the health system so that our families have access to high-quality medical care. We will work so that Yucatecans who want to study can do this and that no obstacle stands in the way of their desire to excel.

We will work to get the Yucatecan countryside out of the difficult times in which it lives. Programs to support the technification, training and marketing of the field and its products will be a priority.

We will work for more investment and more generation jobs, not only in Mérida, but especially in the interior of the state, so that the Yucatecans do not have to emigrate to Quintana Roo and the United States in search of work, with the resulting distance from their families. We will start training programs so that the Yucatecans have more skills that enable them to get better salaries to give their families a better life.

As we did in the municipality of Mérida, we will implement an ambitious program of regulatory improvement in the state government that will facilitate investments and ensure that citizens will lose less time in their procedures.

We will work for a society where there is no discrimination and human rights are fully respected.

We will work on enhancing the cultural and social values ​​that distinguish the Yucatecans, a mixture of our Mayan past of which we are deeply proud of the diversity of cultures that have enriched our identity.

We recognize that our Mayan culture distinguishes us in the world and that it is not only necessary to preserve it, but also to promote it. We owe a big debt to our Mayan communities who suffer the most from marginalization and inequality. In my government, priority will be to preserve our traditions, promote our Mayan culture and provide opportunities to achieve a better quality of life.

We will work on the sustainable development of our state, where economic growth does not destroy the natural wealth of our country.

We will strengthen the ties with our Yucatecan migrants in the United States. They are our brothers, they keep their identity, the love for our country and they are the ones who watch over their families who live in Yucatan.

But above all, we will work on reducing the inequality gap and the poverty in which thousands of Yucatecans live. The best way to overcome poverty is to create jobs, but in the meantime we need to develop socially responsible programs that mitigate this evil and offer development opportunities to those who are most vulnerable.

In my government, social support will reach the poorest people and families. Social support will not only be for a few, but will be for everyone who needs it without politicizing or supplying them for party purposes.

Major challenges such as better connectivity, better Puerto de Altura, sufficient supply of natural gas, the generation of clean energy, economic incentives for productivity, fairer electricity tariffs, among others, are part of the agenda that together, federal government, State and society, we must undertake and resolve.

I want to applaud the decision of the next federal government to include Yucatan in the great project of the Mayan train. I appreciate the sensitivity to hear this request that we share the government and society of Yucatan. This project will undoubtedly be an engine of development for the entire region. The next federal government has the decision and commitment of the government of Yucatan and the Yucatecan society to carry out this great project.

I believe in the enormous power of dialogue and social participation in public life and in government. I am convinced of a style in which governance means that citizens participate in the decisions of their government and that officials propagate these concerns.

Governments must restore citizens' confidence. That is why we say that transparency and citizen participation go hand in hand.

We will improve mechanisms to promote the participation of citizens and civil society organizations in government decisions.

And as with many of the issues that concern us, there is no time to lose. As I did when I was a branch president and I worked in the campaign, we will install the Citizen Budget Council and the State Spending Exercise tomorrow.

This Council is an old request for transparency from civil society that, as we have done in the city of Mérida, we will now realize it in the state government. In this Council, citizens and representatives of civil society organizations will have a majority vote participating in the decision to exercise the money that belongs to all Yucatecans.

There they will approve the budget before it is sent to the state congress for final approval, and on a quarterly basis they will check whether the funds are correctly applied.

As you know, the challenges are to build a Yucatan with a better future and more opportunities big and many. But we have the strength of a participative, hard-working and intelligent society.

In the new democratic reality that our country and our state experience, there is no room for unilateral decisions or dissociation efforts. Society demands that the rulers look after the interests of society in part. To this end, I invite all political, social and economic actors: to reach an agreement to jointly promote the actions and procedures that enable Yucatan to reach its maximum potential.

I have appointed my team of officials on the basis of profiles and not on the basis of favoritism or compromise. The legal cabinet consists of an equal number of women and men, this is something historical in the state of Yucatan.

I demand that they meet the needs of the Yucatecans. That they perform the public function according to ethical values ​​and with efficiency. Manage public funds without any doubt. Stay away from conflicts of interest. I say it clearly: I do not tolerate any form of corruption of them or anyone in the state government.

I feel proud and committed to this great opportunity that the Yucatecans give me to serve them. For this I have a great engine that is my whole family. I especially thank my wife Maru, who, together with our children Alejandrina, Mauricio and Santiago, is my greatest strength. I thank them for all the love they give me and their guidance that puts me to work to build the best Yucatan for our children and for the children of all Yucatecans.

Friends and friends:

Mexico is entering a new transformation and in Yucatan we have to use this historic opportunity to perfect our government, our economy and our society.

Nothing is achieved by inertia or by isolated efforts or by unilateral decisions, everything requires firm decisions, unity, dialogue, consensus, listening with respect and the willingness to find solutions.

Yucatán needs all her leadership, starting with the governor of the state. Being a leader in Yucatan is to be a bridge. Bridge between opinions, between visions, between desires and between those who want to cooperate.

The government of Yucatan will not think some at the expense of others. The power of Yucatan comes not from monotony, but from the harmony that comes from plurality. Every different opinion or ideology is a tone that enriches the social symphony that defines us.

Harmony, unity in democratic plurality is something that is on this earth. There are no great rivers here that separate us, here there are no inaccessible mountains that separate us, in Yucatan the earth did not want to divide or impose impossible obstacles to the unity of our people; so it would be absurd for women and men, parties and groups to create barriers that even geography did not want.

There is no time to lose. So this afternoon I want to say loud and clear that it was time together to overcome all obstacles and build the future of a better Yucatan.

Nobody remains in this task. In my government we will work with all those who want to contribute their ideas and actions to build a more prosperous Yucatán with less inequality.

In the next 6 years we will dedicate them to give the best of us for the future of Yucatan.

Yucatan is our home and we have to make it better and bigger. We all fit in this multiple and varied house.

That is why I strive to build a strong government that listens, manages, reconciles and dissolves.

A government that is guided by the desire of the Yucatecans to achieve new goals.

For all, and for future generations, let Yucatan improve the quality of his life and be an example of social coexistence and progress.

Yucatan can be more, and are, because those who live on this earth, we want to give everything for it.

It is time to do it together. Long live Mexico and live Yucatan!

Thank you very much

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