Mexico is not bankrupt, responds to AMLO business people, experts and the government

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The Mexican economy faces major challenges and backlogs that need to be resolved, however it is not bankrupt, to think entrepreneurs, governments and specialists.

On Sunday, the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López ObradorHe said he would receive a country bankruptcy and, given that, it provides that will not be able to meet the demands of the population.

Claudio X. González Laporte, president of Advice from Kimberly Clark and former president of Mexican business council, He felt that the comments made by the next president should make it clear that he will not fulfill all the promises of the campaign because There are not enough sources.

In your participation in the Forbes Economic Forum 2018, the entrepreneur explained that "without confidence no investments are made" and that these comments do not contribute to the atmosphere of security.

The president of Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Juan Pablo Castañón, noted that investor confidence is a priority develop projects and generate jobs, and that the biggest problems of Mexico are the low investment in Mexico infrastructure, corruption and insecurity, mainly.

Despite the comments from López Obrador, the markets did not respond negatively. The main indicator of Mexican stock exchange it recorded a decrease of 0.43%, a performance comparable to that of its American counterparts, while the retail dollar ended at 19.45 pesos, the same as last Friday.

"It's not a bankruptcy: public finances and the private sector are not bankrupt, Mexico maintains possibilities to pay external debts without problems, but can not qualify as bankruptcy.

"More than that is a lack of public income for everything that needs attention," he explained. Aníbal Gutiérrez, researcher of the Faculty of Economics of the UNAM.

The president of the Mexican association of specialized financial institutions, Enrique BojórquezHe said: "We are not in a thriving economy and we are not a rich country, we are developing … it seems extreme to think that we are bankrupt."

Healthy public finances. The Ministry of Finance has returned the position of the federal government to the previous statements by the head of the department, who confirmed that there is strength in public finances.

On Friday last week, the secretary of the Treasury, José Antonio González Anaya, after a private meeting with the CCE, stressed that Mexico has sound public finances, anchored stability, inflation that converges to the Bank of Mexico's goal, with a financial sector well capitalized and liquid, and that we must continue to work to maintain it.

The economy has faced headwinds, such as the shock of oil prices in 2016, "as a result of the efforts of stability and anchoring public finances and monetary policy," he added.

According to the official, between 2014 and 2018, Mexico's gross domestic product grew by an average of 2.7%, higher than that of Chile, Argentina, Brazil and the US.

The rating agencies Standard and Poor & # 39; s, Moody & # 39; s and Fitch have the investment-grade category of Mexico, which means an approval of the national economy and finances.

Landing in reality. The Director General of Public Intelligence, Marco Cancino, said that the López Obrador team is now handling the accounts, "they see that there is not much to do." The government's margin of action is limited and they realize that it is not enough to to fund their campaign proposals, and someone has to get the blame. "

He regarded the President-elect's statement as unfortunate because it implied that Mexico had a high level of risk and, if so, "the rating agencies would have already downgraded us from the investment level."

Contrast comment. The groups Morena, PRI, PAN and PRD in the Senate were confronted with views on the statements of elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the sense that the country is "bankrupt" and therefore can not meet the demands of the people.

The coordinator of Morena, Ricardo Monreal, agreed with López Obrador and said that the country is torn with "debts, unemployment, insecurity, corruption, impunity." The state of social decomposition of the country is impressive. "

The PRI coordinator, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, said the current government is leaving a country with stability, historical figures on employment and foreign investment.

Damián Zepeda, coordinator of the PAN, said that the future government is "putting the huarache on before it splintered, as if he says that if he does not comply, it is the result".

The leader of the PRD senators, Miguel Ángel Mancera, said that according to the latest economic indicators there is no bankruptcy. With information from Alberto Morales, Suzzete Alcántara and Antonio Hernández

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