Miguel Ángel Yunes trusts that Javier Duarte will not leave the prison

the Governor of Veracruz, Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, guaranteed that Javier Duarte de Ochoa will not be released, there are others arrest warrants against him and another one under consideration.

"It would be a mockery for the people of Veracruz and from Mexico that is put into it freedom"he said at a press conference and told the Veracruz people that"Duarte he has both feet in prison".

Yunes assured that he was the Attorney General (PGR) and in his owner to avoid that the former governor of Veracruz leave the prison.

He remembered that there two current arrest warrants by different ones crimes of customary law and one more awaiting enforced disappearance, seriously unauthorized.

"I fully rely on it PGR have acted well, so what I see is a strong case against Duarte and if they are the crime It's for to reinforce the accusations"The Executive added.

After the decision of the PGR of reclassify the crime from organized crime by the one criminal association, noted that the PGR will certainly ask the judge to keep him precaution the preventive detention.

And he said that Javier Duarte already he once escaped to Guatemala, misses one permanent address in Mexico, that too has the economic resources in front of drossen recently on the way to London, where his wife lives Karime Macíasso it will certainly stay in the Reclusoriohe stood on it

He pointed out, however, that he would be released from the federal crimesThe Attorney General's office would arrest him two current arrest warrants for the crimes of abuse of authority, violation of statutory duty, coalition and influence on peddling and he would be transferred to prison Pacho Viejo in Veracruz.

"There is no element, because the peace of the people of Veracruz, who has a foot outside the prisonHe has both feet in prison, "he insisted.

In addition, he explained that there is another one awaiting arrest warrant to be executed for the crime enforced disappearance, a serious crime and for whatn in prison about 19 former policemen and officers of the state.

"I am sure that Javier Duarte you do not get your freedom because there are enough elements to prove yourself responsibility in this brutal eclipse suffered by Veracruz, "he added.

As if that were not enough, he added that it Superior Audit of the Federation he presented 72 criminal complaints for the detour from 27 billion pesos, a quarter of the budget, awaiting processing by PGR.

"The structural damage they have caused Veracruz it is still in sight, that's why we managed to get them out of the government and imprison some of them and we have made great efforts to recover assets and money, "he said.


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