Military in FES Acatlán held two narcotics students

NAUCALPAN.- Two persons who were persecuted by the army and the state police entered the facilities of the Acatlán School of Higher Studies (FES) to try to avoid them, but were detained by the school guards and handed over to the uniformed personnel. the terrain.

This fact caused confusion among the university community and the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods, due to the presence of military personnel who carried long weapons at the main entrance of the faculty.

The two subjects, presumably narcosis students, were intercepted in the vicinity of the educational institution during an operation carried out by the army and the troops of the Secretariat of Security, State of Mexico (SSEM) attached to the Basis of mixed operations (BOM) from Naucalpan.

Officials at FES Acatlán confirmed that the inmates were in possession of narcotics and that they were not part of the university community; With regard to the presence of the army they confirmed that they had not entered the school.

On August 22, 22-year-old Amelia, a student at the Acatlan School of Higher Studies, was raped on Toluca Avenue and Periferico Norte.

"I lowered the bar at the intersection of Periférico and Primero de Mayo, and while I waited for the traffic light to cross the street, a man approached me and forced me to walk to the back seat with a gun and he put me on dark places. "He said during an interview.

On February 19, two students from the same faculty were violently assaulted and stabbed, one of whom lost a kidney because of the injuries he had sustained from the attackers.

On February 28, 2018 students marched from the campus to the Naucalpan Justice Center to demand more security, after a few days before the teacher was shot Maria Luisa, head of the Department of Economics at the faculty, when she left school facilities aboard your vehicle.

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