Millions of bees die after disinfection with toxins in Quintana Roo

Fumigation caused the deaths of millions of bees four kilometers away, because they estimate that each hive hosts between 50,000 to 80,000 bees.

With concern, one of the concerned beekeepers, Wilson Ayala Mez, indicated that this is the most numerous bee mortality in the history of the inhabitants of the Candelaria ejido, in José María Morelos.

The death of these bees represents the strong economic blow, because the amount of honey for the nearest harvest, between October and November she lost, with this, the loss of income of the Maya families who live from the honey production, estimates the loss of two million 300 thousand pesos.

Young people responsible for the revision of the apiaries found floors covered with dead bees, they reported when they spoke to the owner of the country they were resisting.

Four days later the complaint was issued and the ministerial authority gathers evidence showing that the damage caused by fumigation with fipronil conforms to the criminal type.

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