More than 100 prisoners were transferred to a penitentiary complex in Islas Marías

CDMX.- By the Undersecretariat or Penitentiary Control, the Secretariat of security made the transfer of 128 prisoners to a Federal penitentiary complex, located in the Islas Marías during the early morning hours as part of the depressurization actions of the Social Reinsertion Centers from the state of Mexico.

Through a statement, the Secretariat reported that the transfer of the prisoners was carried out with respect for them human rights, provide them with water and food before the preservation to the federal authority.

Comes from 10 different prisons, the prisoners they were taken to the airport Mexiquense capital to be moved from voluntary way, that's how it is they used two plane to transport them.

They point out that the transfer of more than 100 detainees due to its number is an unprecedented fact in the state prison system, and that this action is the result of measures implemented by the security cabinet led by Alfredo del Mazo.

With these facts, the government of the state of Mexico intends to order in the penitentiary centers of the entity, as well as offer greater safety.


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