Morena adds more delegates and reaches an absolute majority

The Morena coordinator in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Delgado, announced that, due to new sellers of lawmakers from other parties, his group had already reached more than 251 deputies, ie an absolute majority.

Although Delgado did not want to specify the exact number of chairs or which batches the changes were, unquestionable versions confirm that they are five legislators, all Green party. If so, Morena would have 252 seats.

Delgado said today, in a meeting with the parliamentary coordinators, the Political coordination committee and it will be announced that Morena, with the new number of legislators, will preside over the three years of the legislature, the highest internal body of the House.

"According to the law, when a parliamentary group has an absolute majority, it is chairman of the coordination committee for the duration of the legislative power," he said.

A specific question about the exact number of delegates who joined the ranks of Morena, said the parliamentary leader only: "Morena has more than 251 deputies and keeps coming."

After the July 1 elections the National Electoral Institute (INE) reported that Morena would have a total of 191 delegates, but when the session was held to establish this Legislature, on August 29, this figure was increased to 247 and now, says Delgado Carrillo, will exceed 251.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, formally declared for the plenary meeting the establishment of eight parliamentary factions for the LXIV legislature and, although yesterday the deadline for reporting the number of members was over, he explained that the groups had not yet completed their procedures.

Although the banks that were established on August 29 (Morena, with 247 seats, PAN, 80, PRI, 47, PES, 31, PT, 29, MC, 28, PRD, 20, PVEM, 16 and 2 independents), numbers will change today. "The deadline today (yesterday) and not all parliamentary factions have integrated their documentation, the deadline is right, because tomorrow (today) will be published in the Dutch state Gazette," says Muñoz Ledo.

"Every change will be communicated", the parliamentary leader added and indicated that the General Secretariat was asked for a report on the number of members of the eight groups.

He stressed that on 28 September, the names and number of members will be known, "because there will be no changes or new parliamentary groups can be created."

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