Morena can have 251 deputies, sue PT and PES

In an early political adjustment of the political groups in the Chamber of Deputies, brunette could as such reach the 251 seats.

Although, according to the INE, Morena would arrive with 191 deputies, the coordinator of the PES, Fernando Manzanillaand the PT substitute Óscar González, they argued that once the work starts and the banks are installed in the session room, "different" representatives of Morena, who have been nominated by the PT or the PES for the electoral alliance they have formed, will change the curel and will passes to the parliamentary faction of the party of López Obrador.

They explained that it was the same mechanism that the PRI used at the time, when it brought various of its characters to Congress through the PVEM, and that they were later transferred to the majority of the tricolor caucus.

Manzanilla reported that his bank, although the authorities could order the disappearance of its registration, can remain legal, as it will be installed before the registration is removed.

"The truth, with these movements that will be, it is very difficult to know the number of deputies that every caucus will have, but of which we are certain is that we will remain as the fourth force", after Morena (191), PAN (81), PT (61), PES (56), PRI (45), MC (27), PRD (21), PVEM (16), NA (2).

Oscar Óscar González also said that because several followers of Morena were nominated by the PT, some will join the Morena bank from the start of the work.

Meanwhile, at the INE, the Labor Party He complained that Morena assigned 36 of his rooms, for which he postponed candidates "cachirules" who did not belong to their ranks, and demanded that the election authority partially invalidate the coalition agreement he signed with Morena and Encuentro Social.

In a document distributed among members of the General Council, condemned the project of INE the reduction from nine to three the number of multiple deputies, under the argument of overrepresentation.

The INE has assigned 85 deputies and 13 plurinominal senators to Morena, so that with the 106 largest seats he has won, San Lazaro will have 191 seats; in the Senate it reaches 55, with the 42 majority seats.

The representative of the PRD in the INE, Guadalupe Acosta, asked to review the pluris, because the number can exceed 36 that is given by the PT and reaches 80, if we take into account those who are in the same situation in the PES.

He also announced in San Lazaro that the PRI will go from 45 to 47 seats, because the two of New Alliance have won, will be passed on to the tricolor, and in the Senate will rise from 14 to 15, also by the seat of the turquoise.

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