Mother of Tadeo dies, victim after attack in Jalisco against ex-prosecutor

GUADALAJARA.- It Ministry of Health Jalisco (SSJ) reported that Elizabeth de la Rosa-Mama de Tadeo, an eight-month-old baby who was injured by burns during a fire caused to a public transport unit, died as a result of the injuries sustained by the attack.

Elizabeth de la Rosa became the victim of violent actions that took place in the city on 21 May, after the attack on the ex-lawyer of Jalisco Luis Carlos Nájera.

She and the baby were seriously transferred to the San Javier hospital in Guadalajara, where the child died of burns on 99 percent of their body surface.

After skin grafting and cleaning operations, on June 8, she was transferred to Texas Medical University in Galveston, accompanied by her mother.

The government of Jalisco deposited 2 million 160,000 dollars to the hospital of Galveston to ensure medical attention.

On 11 August, however, Elizabeth was transferred from the hospital in Texas to the private hospital San Javier in Guadalajara, alone and the family's decision to continue her treatment. The government of Jalisco coordinated the air transfer from Galveston, Texas, to the international airport of Guadalajara.

Tonight, the corresponding legal procedures are carried out for the delivery of the body and the funeral services, which are paid by the treasury.

The state government is paying an outstanding debt of $ 2,000 in the hospital where Elizabeth de la Rosa was treated for two months and three days.

The first payment to the hospital in Galveston amounted to 2 million 160 thousand dollars, and received a 25 percent discount, ie 500 thousand dollars; however, a leftover remain remained.

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