Mothers change the names of their children for bullying

The name of the people marks their lives. At least that was the case with a child named Zurizadai until his eighth, which is not very extravagant and biblical; however, he became the object of ridicule of his schoolmates, to the extent that he asked his mother not to bring him to school anymore, at least not at public events.

Isaac, who is now 12 years old, has been bullying for eight years. He said that there was not a single day when his classmates did not bother him by making combinations of his name with those of animals, plants, characters in cartoons or films.

He noted that there were cases where he refused to appear at public events: "They told me that I was a baby, a little girl and they compared me with cartoons, I did not want that name", so he chose to give him To call Isaac.

"She always came back, crying and did not understand why, her name was not unusual, but they said she was a girl, he felt uncomfortable," Roxana Ayala, her mother, told me.

Since she was married, she introduced the names of her children, she said; Zurizadai seemed beautiful, with power and personality, but did not imagine the damage he would do to the medium of his three children, who are called Aaron and Hugo.

"You can not imagine how many things children can make up with a word, it was unbearable, the mood, my son's personality got worse, more diminished, I was afraid to say his name," he said.

He identified the problem since he processed the CURP when questioning the gender of the minor, since this name was attributed to women, and did not consider the relevance of that comment, but with the passage of time, when teachers expected to see a girl appear by mentioning the name of the school list, in addition to the complications with pronunciation and spelling.

Roxana thought in the first place to do the adjustment by private individuals, but it was very expensive, it had to be demanded and it took a lot of time, so she went to the office in the municipality of Zinacantepec, where they came from, where she had her escorted and reached the change.

"There was an event with the branch president, they asked me to bring my son and they gave us the surprise that the change was already there, even that day they were looking for the Zurizadai girl, the change was urgent, I felt bad as a mother What damage would this cause in the future! ", said the lady.

They add more than 2000 changes

In the state of Mexico, the civil status reacted positively to 2,000 824 requests to change a name from 2017 to the present, since the way they were mentioned made them the victim of bullying; there were, for example, Coito, Batman, Superman, Ogüen and Blanca Nieves, who informed the general manager Mauricio Noguez Ortiz.

He pointed out that in 2016 they set up an awareness campaign for families: & # 39; Your name is forever & # 39 ;, with the aim to gain insight into the transcendence and emotional charge that the name generates. "If you are Claudia, you have a way of thinking, a personality, a way of being that gives you your name, there is a power here, an emotional or psychological burden, so we have some suggestions during the registration of a child , "he said.

He explained that a few years ago, after the uproar over the publication of banned names in an entity in the north of the country, an advisory board had to be formed in the state of Mexico, which is multidisciplinary and only suggests to parents that they are not name pejorative that can negatively affect the life of your child.

"We do not impose or prohibit, we only recommend: There are people who are not receptive or who clearly say to you:" What does it matter to you, that's how I want to say it, "he said.

Among the requests to change, explained the director general, they found very hard reasons why parents tell the consequences for their children by placing a pejorative name.

A few strange facts
Mauricio Noguez stressed that many of the events are the result of cartoons, characters from novels, series or fashion films; Previously, for example, the children with the name Lionel Messi, the Argentine footballer, multiplied.

The name Paul made him a Mexican and that is why they called a boy: "Poel, whom they called the pool child, because it is the meaning of the word in English."

Cunner Adairani, Liam, Climaco, Ercolana, Soni, Trixus, Abraxas, Huichilopoztli, Dalay, Fribonia, Chucky, Nick Lebron, Presbyter, Cuauyácatl Yael, Derman Jair, Audelio Batairano, Quintina, Vaseliza, Iririn, just to name a few .

Among the cases that had had one, of several, in which the name was not ugly, rude or badly written, was that of a girl whose name was Veronica, but her mother stated that her husband had a mistress so named and when she discovered that there was an emotional charge that forced her to change the name of her daughter.

He also said that a Mauricio claimed that this was the name of a poisonous spider from the Brazilian jungle and that he could be called "the spider", but the council rejected the request.

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