Muñoz suggests Ledo that the president reports annually

Muñoz proposes that the president report every year The Chronicle of Today

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, presented an initiative to promote a new law of Congress, in which he proposes to restore the assistance of the President of the Republic in San Lazaro for the presentation of his government report, as well as a reduction in the number of ordinary and special committees.
Muñoz Ledo proposes in his initiative the reduction and condensation of ordinary committees (of opinion) and a maximum for temporary committees (before special), so they are not higher than 10. That is, 13 ordinary work commissions cancel, with what would go from 56 to 43; and the temporary committees, would be to "provoke" a problem or problem that is presented in society and could in principle have a year that can be expanded "; 30 ordinary commissions are projected in the upper house.
Moreover, that the President of the Republic is present at the opening of the ordinary sessions of the first period of the congress and presents his government report.
"To do this, we present a joint initiative for constitutional reform with this decree initiative, so that Article 69 of the Magna Carta is changed in the sense of returning the dialogue between the President of the Republic and the National Representation," he says.
This initiative also regulates the process of presentation of the President's preferential initiative, sent at the beginning of each regular period, to speed up his discussion and mechanisms for constitutional control, such as disputes.
It also includes the power of the Congress of the Union to publish decrees or laws that have not been observed by the executive in the federal state Gazette once the terms in the constitution have been respected.

It represents a respectful, agile and effective bicameral system, through work in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, and the two-chamber committees of the Channel and the Radio of Congress, of Libraries and of Financial Discipline and National Security, and parliamentary diplomacy is created.


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