NAIM or Saint Lucia, what is on the radar?

The President Elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, officially presented the Master Plan of the Santa Lucía International Airport (AISL) as the official alternative not to proceed with the construction of the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM).

Among the differences it is noticeable that the AISL is estimated at 66,000 878 million 469 thousand pesos, 76% less than the estimated budget for the NAIM of 285 billion pesos; In addition, the López Obrador project represents an area of ​​507,000 904 m2 for warehouses, while the NAIM is considering a space of 220,000 m2 for this infrastructure, as reported by T21.

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In the NAIM, however, the annual capacity will be 634 thousand tons in a first phase, while in Santa Lucia this article is not expressed.

While the above is decided, the growth of the freight movement in the current airport is emphasized which was closed in 2016 with traffic of 391 thousand 613 tonnes, 437 thousand 969 in 2017, and estimates for the next three years are 452 thousand 917 tonnes for 2018 , 458 thousand 375 tonnes for 2019 and 484 thousand 360 for 2020, an annual average growth of 3.4% according to estimates by the international airport of Mexico City (AICM).

The actors of the sector assume, however, that something other than space or investment should be considered, since in the beginning the construction of the NAIM is derived from the saturation in which the AICM operates, the importance of the simultaneous operation of three tracks, according to Alejandro Márquez, Commercial & Traffic Director of Zach Logistics.

"On location, the NAIM is much better than St. Lucia For roads, distances, transit, the NAIM is more viable, and it should be considered that most companies operating in logistics and customs are located near the current airport and the airport. distance to the NAIM is 5 kilometers, while moving to Santa Lucia would bring more operational and logistical costs, "said Márquez, in an interview for T21.

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At this point, Antonio Arranz, CEO of DHL Express in Mexico, recalls that this company has made an investment of two million dollars in upgrading the infrastructure at the current airport within the outing from customs.

"If you decide to do the airport in Santa Lucia, you have to think that you have to start all over again in the logistics problem by moving everything that is needed to carry out our activities", said Arranz.

Meanwhile, Juan E. Pardinas, General Manager of the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), said that the issue of canceling the NAIM and even the consultation announced by the President-elect gave Mexico a bad image to the world, as there was confusion is about the security of the companies that have already invested in the project, they would also have to pay at least 120 billion pesos in penalties for breach of contract, non-refundable costs, payments for termination to the labor force and that would leave public funds.

"It is a priority to make this decision based on documented, serious information from institutions that support evidence," said Pardinas.

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