Nestora Salgado: says there was a smear campaign

On the second day of issuing credentials to Senators who are part of the new legislative power, Nestora Salgado of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) was presented.

When issuing its first statement to the media in the Senate, the legislator-elect confirmed that there was a campaign against her by appointing her as a kidnapper.

Nestora Salgado receives majority record as senator

The resources have been used, they have been used to demote my name. I am here with a very high face and a lot of dignity. I am and I will remain innocent. I have become the crime and, together with many media, repeated again and again to realize this. But the lie can never be a reality, no matter how hard they try, they will not succeed, I am innocent and here I am, with all dignity and with all the legitimacy that people gave me, "said Nestora Salgado, senator-elect of Morena.

His commitment, he said, will be to work for human rights, indigenous peoples, migration and the Mexican countryside.

It was pronounced because the criminals got their punishment.

Forgiveness and forgetting is a very strong expression. Forgiveness and forgetting can first ask who asks for it, the commitment is to work on the side of the victims, with great guidance and to design a new model to really guide them and that justice is applied, "said Nestora Salgado, senator-elect from Morena.

The senator, elected by Nestora Salgado, will return to this headquarters next Tuesday when the constitutional session of the new legislative power takes place.

Who is Nestora Salgado and what is being accused of?

Nestora Salgado started her public life as an activist. On 27 October 2012 the community police arose in their home country Olinalá, Guerrero.

In November of that year she was appointed spokesman for the movement and months later as the commander of the organization.

"They had no eyes or ears because nothing happened to them, we had to do it out of necessity," said Nestora Salgado at that moment.

The community police force that they led kept the prisoners in courts, centers that were questioned for alleged human rights violations and because of the high economic costs of getting out of those places.

On August 21, 2013, Nestora was detained by federal forces. Accused of kidnapping and organized crime. She was sent to the federal prison El Rincón in Nayarit.

In 2015 she was transferred to Tepepan and released 30 months later, on March 18, 2016.

Criminal Judge 67 in Santa Martha Acatitla issued the freedom for Nestora Salgado after rejecting the accusations for the crimes of kidnapping, illegal deprivation of liberty and murder.

He left the prison with a rifle and a green shirt.

"It is terrible that I paid for a crime that I did not commit because I wanted to defend my people, my people", he repeated in 2016.

Today Nestora is candidate for a Senate for Morena.

On Sunday, during the second presidential debate, his name was mentioned by the candidate José Antonio Meade, who read a fragment of the file of a suspected victim of Nestora Salgado, where he demanded money in exchange for the freedom of a minor.

"Nestora Salgado becomes Senator for Morena, a kidnapper who is free because of a police failure, Andrés Manuel, remains in your conscience," said José Antonio Meade.

This Tuesday, Nestora Salgado responded to a press conference at Meade.

"It's in your conscience when something happens to my family, and from now on I've made it aware of every death and murder, because he opens the door to crime to attack them and we also ask for his resignation immediately and a public apology, "Salgado said.

Before the press conference was finished, a man entered the place and accused the community police of Guerrero of having murdered five members of his family.

Nestora Salgado distanced himself from the accusations.

Permanently approves agreement on the Nestora Salgado case

With information from Claudia Flores


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