Nothing will be imposed on legislation, AMLO offers "conservative" parties

MEXICO CITY (APR). – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that, despite the majority power of his Morena party in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, "nothing will be imposed" on legislative issues, but rather convincing.

At a press conference in his transition house, and faced with questions from reporters, López Obrador sent a message to the other political forces, parties he & # 39; Conservatives & # 39; mentioned so that they are confident that there will be no compulsion in legislative matters. .

"What I say to the opponents, to conservatives, that they have faith, that we have principles, ideals, we're not equal in that sense, because we have a moral, it's not going to impose anything, it's not to win, but to convince, we will argue why our initiatives will be approved. "

He also expressed his conviction that representatives and senators from the other parties, including PAN and PRI, "will vote for our proposals because they will be in favor of the people.

"There will no longer be laws like before, for the benefit of minorities, there will be no laws that influence people." Imagine what PRI and PAN lawmakers are going to refuse the proposal to lower the salaries of senior officials.

"Do you think you will vote against that proposal? Of course not, it would be surprising, you believe that PRI-PAN delegates are going to vote so that the presidential plane is not sold, or that they will vote to hold the pensions. to the former presidents, or whether the pension is increased for the elderly or for the disabled, "said the future president.

The tabasqueño, however, stressed that his government does not seek a single thought, "totalitarianism, but we know that we will have the consent of citizens and legislators," he said.

As in previous conferences, López Obrador also insisted that respect for the division of powers be respected.

"Respect for the autonomy of powers is serious, I will not be the power of the powers, the executive will not concentrate the power corresponding to other government agencies, I will respect the legislative and judicial powers," he's on.

"Neither pigeons nor hawks"

He referred in particular to the judiciary, which he said: "there will be no messenger doves or threatening hawks who will harass judges, magistrates and ministers to give them instructions, to threaten them, so the resolutions are given according to the executive power. "

"There will be a real state of law, there will be no more crooked state," he concluded.

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