Now primary school children pass the "package"

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At the moment, thanks to the ease and the access to smartphones, children under the fifth and sixth grade of primary school start to circulate the so-called "package" in social networks or in the chats of their friends; nudes that are later used to extort or apply cyber bullying.

This was detected by the Citizen Council as part of the Together Against Pest program, which deals with violence in the secondary and secondary schools of the CDMX. The agency explained that last year this problem only surfaced among high school students and high school students.

The fact that children start to learn erotic photos through social networks increases the risk of becoming victims of bullying or serious crimes, such as child pornography or human trafficking, the Citizen Council revealed and said that he already works with parents and teachers to eradicate this situation.

In the case of the so-called & # 39; package & # 39; In the 2017 school year, the presence of these activities was detected in children under 11 and 12 years, according to what they said in the workshops offered by the organization. This situation is in stark contrast to the school year 2016, in which this type of behavior was not presented in children who went to elementary school.

In the just finished school year the Citizen Council attended 46 schools from kindergarten to high school; of them were 21 of the primary level, and in the middle the students of the last two degrees expressed their concern about this practice, realizing they were already doing it.

Those who have maintained in both school cycles are that this behavior is present in 100% of secondary and secondary schools attended.

The Council recognizes that this activity is part of the process of sexuality development, but when it is not talked about, risks are taken, especially because it is an action that takes place in social networks, where people lose control over what they to do. is shared

The "package" has to do with "sexting": distributing photos and / or videos with sexual content to other people without permission via mobile phone or internet.

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