Open the Congress of the Union between accusations

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In a historical session, for the first time with a left-wing majority party, Morena, at the installation of the 64th Legislature of the Congress of the Union, the verbal confrontation between the banks dominated.

There were criticisms, accusations, interruptions, shouts, but also calls for dialogue and votes were offered to amend laws.

The opposition warned that they will not allow majorities.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo (Morena), and his coordinator, Mario Delgado, said that the re-foundation of the Republic begins for the fourth transformation proposed by the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

"We are now living the re-establishment of the Republic." The people of Mexico have given their representatives the same mandate, albeit in different functions: the fourth transformation of the country, from the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to the most humble officials, "he said from the tribune of Muñoz I Ledo.

Earlier he received the sixth government report from President Enrique Peña Nieto, from the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Navarrete Prida, and regretted that the person in charge of the executive power was not present at the opening of the regular session in Congress. . This, he remembered, for a constitutional mandate that might change.

"Night of cynics." Later, on the positions, Mario Delgado said that it was a night of cynics and villains, because there are parties who claimed to have served the country for decades, but all they have done is that they have used it, plundered it, and give them a nation in ruins, because people were tired of living in fear of violence, of the dead, of extortion and of the pain of the families of the vanished.

"The: & # 39; enough!" Stronger than July 1 was against corruption, impunity, plunder of public finances and impunity that has no limit.Just one example: while in several countries the investigation has led to the fall from presidents, our right to dance in our country to the rhythm of Odebrecht's samba seems very apologetic about the damage they inflicted on the presidential institution, so many corruption scandals, leaving the house very dirty, even if they paint it white, "Mario Delgado said.

The deputy of the PVEM, Carlos Alberto Puente, recognized the administration and the transformations of the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto, and said that the new reality can not be avoided, which caused a booing by the Morena legislators, who even took names. off.

After recognizing the victory of López Obrador, he said that the PVEM will work so that his government is doing well, so that Mexico benefits. During her message, a legislator pulled out a banner: "Never again a president like you."

Morena & s caucus interrupted the positioning of the PRI, in the voice of its national president, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, and when it talked about the fact that PRI members are not mercenaries of politics that change their loyalty, according to the project of the government, in turn, seemed like a deafening cry from the Morena curules to list the 43 missing teachers of Ayotzinapa one by one and demand justice.

Massieu said that she is brave, critical and constructive opposition & # 39; will be.

The coordinator of the PAN representatives, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, said the new government should be "cautious" and not "idolize" the past, nor be allowed to rule from the rear-view mirror, because the big changes are being achieved by looking to the future. look and not anchored in the past. He said that they will be critical, accompanied by proposals, and that although they welcome the alternation, he asked that the legitimacy of the majority does not become a majority, because it would "lower" them.

The coordinator of the PRD deputies, Ricardo Gallardo, said that his party will be "no obstacle" to the implementation of the government policy of the new government, but warned that they will also form an "unbreakable" resistance to measures that freedoms or centralism to increase.

In the midst of the boos, Dante Delgado, MC coordinator in the Senate, gave his voice to destroy the gas olinazo, to rectify the educational reform, to defend the energetic sovereignty and to eliminate the jurisdiction.

The coordinator of the PT in San Lazaro, Reginaldo Sandoval, stressed that his party in both houses will no longer allow corruption and impunity, with the legislative alliance that will integrate with Morena.

In determining the positioning of the PES, Senator Leonil Villard said that they would seek a political reform to encourage electronic voting and prevent coalition accidents from being counted badly after his party, which was in coalition with Morena and the PT, did not reach the necessary votes that the law marks and the registration will be canceled.

The non-party senator, Emilio Álvarez Icaza, who got three minutes from the PT in the gallery, said that when a new phase between the legislative and the executive forces begins, it is time to work on the fight against corruption and impunity.

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