Operational in Tultepec, for drug trafficking and not for pyrotechnics: mayor

The situation is tense in the municipality. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The situation is tense in the municipality. Photo: Cuartoscuro


Then there will be one working in the municipality of Tultepec, there are contradictions between the authorities of the Attorney General of the state of Mexico and the city of Tultepec, because the first assures that it was a laborer against clandestine pyrotechnicswhile the second says it was against narcomenudeo.

The measure of the ministerial authorities it caused the anger of the settlers, who placed the Municipal Palace and even overwhelmed the PRD mayor Armando Portugués by holding him responsible for the events.

The operation was performed on the edge of five in the morning in six housesProbably with the cooperation of the Public Prosecution Service, the Security Secretariat (SSEM), the Office of the Prosecutor General (PGR) and the Sedena. Illegal pyrotechnic material was found, so that four buildings were insured.

The mayor assures, however, that it was an operation against narcomenudeo and that not all companies of which they are insured participated.

The secretary of Security also confused by sending a tweet in which he said that he led an operation here in Tultepec and that he was accompanied by PGR, Sedena, from the prosecutor's office. That is incorrect, only the public prosecutor and the national police came, "said the mayor of Tultepec.

At a press conference, however, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, Alejandro Gómez Sánchez, assured the operation that the goal of protecting the life and safety of Mexicansand in support of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the federal jurisdiction, for which the searches were carried out.

In the searches that we carried out, six searches were found on four illegal pyrotechnical material in houses where there is no civil protection permission, neither from the Pyrotechnics Institute nor from the Ministry of National Defense. to have and manipulate this kind of material, which apparently means a risk to the population ", Gómez Sánchez reacted.

upon which he called so that they are regularized.

I call upon the pyrotechnical craftsmen of the municipality of Tultepec to regularize the civil protection organizations with SEDENA and obtain the corresponding permits. Also so that the pyrotechnic material they handle is implemented within the safety standards and conditions set by the corresponding permits to prevent an accident from happening again, "he said.

Meanwhile in the municipality the situation is tensebecause the pyrotechnics are annoyed by the searches and demand that they stop.


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