Overflow of Río Lerma affects more than a thousand houses [Estados] – 09/01/2018

Mexico City.- The government of the state of Mexico reported that until now it has been estimated that the breakage of the sign on the left bank of the Lerma River caused damage in more than a thousand houses and adjacent agricultural areas, with braces of 10 to 80 centimeters.

He indicated that the affected neighborhoods are: San Luquitas, San Pedrito, San Nicolás and Santiaguito; After the flood, support from the first minute of this Saturday took place for the inhabitants of the area and actions to address the unforeseen event.

He pointed out that the secretary of public works, Rafael Díaz Leal Barrueta, the local director of the Conagua, Jesús Castañeda, and Miguel Torres, general director of the system for the integral development of the family of the State of Mexico (DIFEM) and chairman of the regional cabinet, travel through the area to determine the hydraulic actions to be followed to solve the situation as quickly as possible.

In the same way, CAEM specialist staff worked on the site to place 600 cubic meters of stone and thus cover the 15 meters of the fracture; later it will try to reduce the water levels in the area.

For this they use four backhoes, seven dump trucks, two suction pressure trucks, a mini-factor, two specialized and a mini-loader.

At the moment, the Mexican government has indicated that CAEM technical personnel evaluates the strategy to repair the water body and to join the hydraulic engineering works that have been established by Conagua. Repair work on two fronts has started to speed up the solution.

He said the Waterkommissie of the state of Mexico (CAEM) activated the action protocols to control the outflow of water presented at the height of Calzada Tultepec Bridge and Rivera Río Lerma, near the sport department of San Mateo Atenco.

In the same way, work is being done to control the overflow, in coordination with the National Water Commission (Conagua), for whom this water is responsible.

He also noted that the municipality of San Mateo Atenco provided four shelters and kitchens for families who have suffered damage or who want to be protected in preventive form.

The system for the integral development of the family of the state of Mexico has in turn provided eight medical units and 200 brigadistas that together support the affected families, both in cleaning their homes and in taking care of their health. and attention in the hostels.

In addition, it has the support of the Mexican army, government agencies and municipal authorities.

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